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House gross sales for Summit, Stark, Portage, Wayne, Medina week of Dec. 13 – Akron Beacon Magazine



441 Mull Ave, Lamb Michele A to Gordon Russell, $165,000
1067 Eastland Ave, Cucuzza Heidi L Trustee to Kelly Donald, $80,097
370 Shipment Ave, Whitten Jason M to Schlabach Dylan Jamison, $179,500
1126 Delia Ave, Leibold Austin to Spring Matthew, $200,000
92 W Mildred Ave, Jemnightproperties LLC to Amponsah Rosemary, $66,500
4402 Ridgewood Rd, Meredith Patricia M to Evans Mallory M, $230,700
2256 Canterbury Cir, Shubert James R to Shubert James R, $105,040
172 E Mapledale Ave, Mack Kenneth A to Reiche Michael, $67,900
572 Vinita Ave, Hodges Reginald A to Debellis Daniel L, $187,000
1899 & 1901 Highview Ave, Takron Holdings LLC to Halasa Houses One LLC, $85,000
1248 Barcelona Dr, Deering Danica L to Deering Danica L, $147,500
1473 Brown St, Klase Stacey to Cheatham Sonia V, $104,500
2330 Thurmont Rd, Actual Property Gurus LLC to Luckie Kelly, $264,945
490 Vaughn Trl, Value Polly L Trustee to Gremba James J, $200,000
1296 Roslyn Ave, DC & JZ Mates LLC to Zavala Miguel P, $51,000
582 Stevenson Ave, Mcmillen Jonathan Jr to Information Gail, $139,000
1314 Mount Vernon Ave, Okay & J Summit Houses LLC to Schultz David, $60,000
2097 Lakeview Dr, Pry Adam Mccray to Moran William E, $157,000
1599 Dust Brook Ln, NVR Inc to Murray Karen, $396,526
2763 Foxwood Dr, Mashek Daniel C to Halasa Reem B, $315,000
344 Merriman Rd, Slaughter Howard Okay Trustee to Dann Theodore C, $235,000
1317 Lola Ave, Buol Roy D to Hillton Kimberly, $87,447
1118 Portage Lakes Dr, Hendrix Roger L to Federal Nationwide Loan Affiliation, $54,000
1373 Sprague St, Dvoren Kenneth N Co Trustee to Bernard Law Montgomery Side road Houses LLC, $84,900
120 Oneida Pl, Landau David Trustee to Osina Mordechai A, $140,000
655 East Ave, Ak Imaginative and prescient Investments & Actual Property Inc to Bernard Law Montgomery Side road Houses LLC, $75,000
1745 Wiltshire Rd, Hoover Kelly M to Mezick Erica M, $128,000
1382 Lakeland Ave, Bench Mark Houses of Ohio Ltd to Cramer Glenn, $63,000
1709 Malasia Rd, Harjung Lynn M to Uppal Holdings LLC, $44,000
2119 Seaside Dr, Basford Misty to Belvin Maria, $117,000
2750 Shelburn Ave, Keifer Charles B III to Bajzath Mark, $154,500
749 Marie Ave, Folden Marybeth to Jacob Jessica Okay, $80,000
1941 Tonawanda Ave, Value Todd W to Commisso Peter E, $114,900
1122 Morse St, Donges David Alex to Kei Klo Say, $148,000
67 Rotili Ln, Kovachick William J to Kotagiri Sudheer, $415,000
1840 Orchard Ln, Tauscher Victoria E to Lengthy John M, $90,500
1601 Dust Brook Ln, NVR Inc to Jones Catherine A, $353,685
1190 Giant Falls Ave, Hernandez David L Jr to Pelosi Frank R III, $79,000
3719 Bower Ave, Leclair William J to Garofalo Franca G, $291,000
1288 Andrus St, Jy&B LLC to King James IV LLC, $45,000
1176 Juneau Ave, Chlebina John to Corridor Samuel Lewis Sr, $84,700
1441 Victor Dr, Giorgio Michael J to Mcinturff Tyler W, $230,000
2203 E Marketplace St, New Day Realty LLC to Turpin James Earl, $151,500
566  574 Saunders Ave, Hovater David to Fanizzi Dominic, $693,000
431 Malvern Rd, Loomis Ryann J to Hamed Ramos Amanda Sophia, $255,000
476 Mohawk Ave, Burrell Robert P to Clarke Realty LLC, $47,000
749 Austin Ave, Walkley Angel M to Lampe Mary M, $88,215
1234 MC Intosh Ave, Revel in LLC to Bernardin LLC, $71,642
2592 Edgebrook Ave, Mcknight Robert W to Scarpitti Tony Joseph, $34,800
941 Rocky Ridge Rd, Curtis Timperman Sharen Marie to Valle Cavero Monica Nicole, $324,500
572 Middle Rd, Ford Garden Care LLC to Hpman Sean M, $165,000
826 Cree Ave, Mazi Michele L to Kerney Alfred, $92,000
1394 & 1396 Seward Ave, Matejin Zoran to Little Jacquelyn, $183,900
2007 Collier Rd, Seaside Annette M to Tinsley Norma, $160,000
1301 Giant Falls Ave, Lintak LLC to Chalfant Tyler Anthony, $100,000
119 S Maple St, R&M Baker Actual Property Investments LLC to Cleveland Asset Restoration LLC, $33,750
1368 Moore St, Begue Roger to ZD Investments LLC, $49,900
588 Robinette Ct, Gandee Ron to Lambert Taylor, $110,000
194 Beck Ave, Thompson Scott to Taylor Mark A Jr, $129,900
2615 Leland Ave, Hopkins Lawver Funeral House Inc to Im Arising LLC, $25,000
270 Top Grove Blvd, Vanderhoof Gordon D to Barker Darald H, $145,000
257 Delaware Pl, Nelson Elizabeth Enright Trustee to Corridor Larue M, $296,500
1376 Seward Ave, Remarkleble Actual Property LLC to Nazloyan Karapet, $80,000
742 Hampton Ridge Dr, Parker Elizabeth Ruth to Leb Gerald, $251,000
234 Berman Ave, R&M Baker Actual Property Investments LLC to Top Level Fairness LLC, $30,000
1264 Diagonal Rd, R&M Baker Actual Property Investments LLC to Cleveland Asset Recovert LLC, $33,750
495 Keltner Rd, Chatman Mary L to Forny Schweitzer Alisa Renee, $289,900
2469 N Revere Rd, Marriage ceremony Bryan Joseph to Loudin Jackie Lee, $285,000
793 Manitou Ave, Pal Hazel M to Greensburg LLC, $60,000
2696 Canfield Rd, Brown Jean R Trustee to Woods Kent C, $30,000
1685 Brown St, Gardner Caroline J to Carder Olivia Margaret Mae, $116,000
1850 SW twelfth St, Stormsurge Enterprises Ltd to Kunkler Angela L A, $52,500
167 N Wheaton Rd, Allen Scott T to Galasso Christopher, $660,000
521 Cuyahoga St, North Hill Properties LLC to Ortiz Ada, $45,000
1130 Diagonal Rd, 40 Houses LLC to Ransom Monique, $32,000
2973 Stockton Ave, Basinger Carol J to Bernard Law Montgomery Lewis William, $60,000
1210 Herberich Ave, Destefano Nicholas G II to Longstreth Briana Lyn, $115,000
100 E Woodsdale Ave, Daeley Deana Goron to National Investments LLC, $65,000
1696 East Ave, Gosnell Kenneth A Sr to Iverson Carla Denise, $80,000
1645 Dust Brook Ln, Akron Peninsula Holdings LLC to NVR Inc, $60,792
1643 Dust Brook Ln, Akron Peninsula Holdings LLC to NVR Inc, $60,792
1641 Dust Brook Ln, Akron Peninsula Holdings LLC to NVR Inc, $60,792
1639 Dust Brook Ln, Akron Peninsula Holdings LLC to NVR Inc, $60,792
1647 Dust Brook Ln, Akron Peninsula Holdings LLC to NVR Inc, $69,615
1637 Dust Brook Ln, Akron Peninsula Holdings LLC to NVR Inc, $69,615
962 Inman St, Premier Financial institution & Believe as Custodian for Karen S Knight SD Ira to Penaranda Olmedo, $37,000
1302 Dover Ave, Shaw Diana R to Morris Christine F, $50,500
545 Gibbs Rd, Rarrick Victoria L to Mccormick Keira Wanda Lea, $145,000
1869 SW fifteenth St, Hunt Mildred A to Windham Michelle, $88,500
3228 Sunny Brook Dr, NVR Inc to Haney Eric, $324,440
768 Garfield St, Akron Dream Houses LLC to Allen Adam, $72,000
4569 Ridgewood Rd, Solar Yu Yu to Chin Kwock Kwong, $275,000
37 E Ralston Ave, Sanders Jana M to Norris Dylan Jacob, $89,900
408 Edith Ave, Mullins Logan M to Ferrall Megan, $110,000
4453 Provens Dr, Wilson Scott S to Coleman Matthew L, $247,500
522 East Ave, Ramoutar Mahadeo to Richardson Tessa S, $10,000
3301 Linda St, Area of interest 777 LLC to Rogers Randal Lee, $143,000
1265 Tampa Ave, Wilks Adel Lee to Heller Sonya, $119,900
1090 Greenwood Ave, Hopkins Claudette D Trustee to Okay S Yoak Enterprises LLC, $40,250
1204 Knox Ave, Basone Barbara A to Mattingly Joseph E Jr, $70,000
419 Palmetto Ave, Michel James R to Ruocchio Kerry A, $115,000
986 Hancock Ave, Muffet James to Muffet James A, $39,250
1160 Los angeles Croix Ave, Benchmark Houses of Ohio Ltd to Clarke Realty LLC, $26,500
5759 Canterbury Rd, Henry Julie M to Cuenot Todd, $410,000
1655 Goodyear Blvd, Kibby Charlene Sue to Richmond Walker Ebony L, $92,425
1933 SW ninth St, Easterling Sharon Lee to Cursio Antonio P, $49,000
1071 Murray Ave, Willis Georgia Homosexual to Ama Ohio House LLC, $40,000
298 E Dresden Ave, Webster Barbara J to Patalon Edward D, $103,000
1189 & 1191 Arnold Ave, Hendrickson Kirk A to Westberg Scott, $94,000
439 Downing Pl, New Technology Houses Inc to Bengal Funding Inc, $9,000
1230 Neville Ave, Millionaire Minds Undertaking LLC to Soto Karla Lopez, $103,700
1008 Stanwood Ave, Watson Roman M to Nelson Natasha M, $129,900
159 Palmetto Ave, Delferraro Michael Edward to Rowland Ashley Denise, $153,400
847 Wall St, Turk Wes to Thomas Jazzmin, $9,540
737 Seward Ave, Minor Jesse L to Gamble Michael A, $125,000
283 Pass St, Orszag Luke E to Glendale Side road College LLC, $60,000
187 Wheeler St, Orszag Luke E to Glendale Side road College LLC, $84,000
733 Rainbow Dr, Monday Tracey to T B Answer LLC, $37,000
1250 Leeser Ave, Greensburg LLC to Richards Cheryl Okay, $35,000
84 Robinwood Blvd, Egs Investments LLC to Pruiett Tiona L, $90,500
3312 Brunk Rd, G & L Investments LLC to Hartshorn Elena R, $133,000
86 E Warner Rd, Warner Parc LLC to Capitena Michael F, $102,040
1350 Niagara Ave, Dula Donna M to Rojas Wilfredo, $110,000
2590 Smith Rd, Nabors Betty J Co Trustee to Dettloff David L, $199,500
1357 Moore St, 1357 Moore Side road LLC to Mick Christopher, $31,710
438 Clinton Ave, Puckett Brian W to Man Justin James, $128,000
2068 SW nineteenth St, Botez Wolfgang M to Vinson William J, $30,000
435 Letchworth Dr, Lewarchick David P to Pajo LLC, $200,000
719 Ina Ave, Hunt Richard E to Williams Ricky N, $94,500
3087 Omit Me No longer St, Adair Holdings LLC to Belknap Christine, $39,000
974 Fanatics Ln, Rida Fatima M to Pias Puts LLC, $260,000
1188 Lexington Ave, Johnson Mark E to Day Wreck, $87,000
525 Reed Ave, Twigg Pauline to Puckett Brian, $76,000
253 Lake Pointe Dr, Prince Jeanette M to Frey Joyce G, $340,000
2514 St Francis St, Dickey Erin to Kaya Ryan D, $315,000
221 Gale St, Penrose Thomas J Trustee to Okay S Yoak Enterprises LLC, $23,500
1098 S Hametown Rd, Kolich Michael to Mahran Nermin, $305,500
33 S Rose Blvd, Karkoska Robert D to Meter Edward J Van Sr, $175,500
1866 Kingsley Ave, Hte Housing LLC to Bolding Reniesha, $175,000
930 Snowstorm Spur, Taylor Presley F to Sipos Matthew A, $53,500
1350 Eastwood Ave, Wire Tracey to Amponsah Rosemary, $74,900
822 Fortress Blvd, Kropp Cameron D to Brennan Coliin, $180,000
448 Iroquois Ave, Maynard Dolores Jean to Menk Enterprises 4 LLC, $69,000
10125 Driftwood Cove, Friedman Mark W to Allen Robert Daniel, $151,900
5460 & 5462 Ethics Ct, Millennium Believe Corporate LLC FBO Loren H Uthoff Jr Ira to Stoller Dean J, $180,000
313 W State St, Adelphi Acres LLC to Glad Days Houses LLC, $2,500
3895 Brookside Dr, Information Gail L to Myers Andrew D, $201,000
627 E Hopocan Ave, Hess Peter A to Wogan Julie A, $98,500
2783 Brookfield Dr, Mccauley Michelle to Graham Jeremy L, $315,200
388 E Park Ave, Csepe Timothy Daniel to Kingston Heather, $187,000
585 E Hopocan Ave, Zagar Marie Trustee to Miller Timothy A, $109,900
3768 Alberta Dr, Garn Benjamin to Graham David J, $206,000
147 third St NW, KNB Capital LLC to Stanley Jason, $215,000
2659 Himelrigh Blvd, East New Haven LLC to NVR Inc, $41,616
5239 Witner St, East New Haven LLC to NVR Inc, $41,616
145 St John St, Baker C Diane Trustee to Kma Capital LLC, $90,000
2592  2604 Wadsworth Rd, Zuchowski Bernie to Shisler Mark D, $70,000
892 Mesquite Ln, Bryant Paul L Jr to Jones James E, $265,000
51 twenty fourth St NW, the Aem Products and services LLC to Mason Bruce William, $140,000
313 S Van Buren Ave, Muffet Joseph L to SC Leases LLC, $30,000
575 E Lake Ave, RVR Realty & Funding LLC to Slusser Sharon Okay, $125,000
3919 Greenwich Rd, Bulgrin Donald to Kury William, $87,000
351 Wunderlich Ave, KS Yoak Enterprises LLC to Hernandez Carlos Rene, $125,000
378 E Baird Ave, Bunn Debra A to Excellent Gary Jonathan, $139,900
1325 Fail to remember Dr, Novak William Jr to Zuchak Luke, $151,000
1206 Douglass Ave, Critchfield & Corporate Inc to Magno Heather, $118,000
parcel 2700007 N seventh Ave, Ball Robert J to Luff Megan, $65,000
6882 Manchester Rd, Jacob Douglas Ralph to Gansen Drew, $150,000
87 Deer Valley Dr, Spatholt Paul C to Lyons Joshua A, $375,000
1571 Sunnyacres Rd, Williams Eddie L to Kunstar Gabor Z, $192,000
157 Tecumseh Lane, Krzyscin Aimee to Stair Margaret G, $275,000
4370 Wedgewood Dr, Swoope Lawrence A to Brown Daryl, $410,000
4619 & 4623 Linda Lane, Willis Michael Owen Trustee to Noland Charles Wesley Everett, $312,000
3983 Palace Approach, Kilroy Catherine L Co Trustee to Warls Carol Early, $295,000
4035 North Steels Cir, NVR Inc to Anderson Amanda Leigh, $302,765
4041 North Steels Cir, NVR Inc to Kroeze Adrianus, $334,460
1969 Sedro St, Vanoster James W to Inman David, $198,600
3040 eighth St, Russell Marianne to Eco Fusion Development Generation Ltd, $147,500
520 Meredith Ln, Beatty Mary Margaret to Ciccarello Anthony C Trustee, $93,000
422 W Heritage Dr, Sorboro James J to Reljin Susan L, $245,000
2118 fifteenth St, Kaaikaula Robert B to Hanshaw Amber, $185,000
3361 Elmwood St, Comston Benjamin to Bucceri Frank, $190,000
811 Grant Ave, Mayer Ethan R to Stevens Mallory, $135,000
730 Woodbrook Rd, Bates Dennis E to Freedom Neo Houses LLC, $187,000
1353 Bailey Rd, Cistone Joseph A to Swank Dylan R, $175,000
1708 &1712 Bailey Rd, Thomas David C to Doskoch Troy S, $112,200
1596 sixth St, Aperta Houses LLC to Czerwony Dennis A, $87,450
4039 North Steels Cir, NVR Inc to Palermo Nathan W, $297,425
605 Eleanora Dr, Cascade Investment Loan Believe HB7 to Agreda Gloria Castillo, $176,700
319 Kathron Ave, Roberts James A to Fry Richard, $61,500
520 Meredith Ln, Scott Henry S Jr to Freudeman James L, $93,000
4037 North Steels Cir, NVR Inc to Rody Joseph Angelo, $275,380
3201 eighth St, Critcher Janis R to Abdulle Mowliid, $167,500
2748 Cedar Hill Rd, Owen Raymond George to Bartel Daniel L, $295,000
520 Meredith Unit 512 Lane, Deyarmin Daniel N to Schuyler Cynthia R, $71,000
641 Sackett Ave, MCMLXX LLC to Zalenski Charlotte, $159,900
2338 Heron Crest Dr, Wren Jeffrey S to Piekarski Richard H, $350,000
301 Notre Dame Ave, Smith Joshua T to Meadows Nathan Lloyd, $161,000
3339 Brookside Lane, Mussetter Martha to Garthoff Donna Wade, $212,000
318 Boston Turbines Rd, Tontodonato Pamela to Thomas Braden G, $300,000
5785 Williamsburg Cir, Klingshirn Neil E to Bickerton Michael Donald, $452,000
124 Keswick Dr, Haywood Steven to Langham Kyle Lloyd, $360,000
6427 Ridgeline Dr, Dugas Gerald Jr to Roland Fernando D, $705,000
6375 Woodland Edge Dr, Smith Andrea C to Matthews Elizabeth M, $605,000
7245 Stow Rd, Mehicic Margaret M Trustee to Bonnette Jonatan, $405,000
79 Atterbury Blvd, Hamed Christopher to Barbara Belongings Holdings LLC, $100,000
1438 Barlow Rd, Yount Donna Trustee to Bass William J Trustee, $90,000
120 Brentwood Dr, Schley Jeremy to Morgan Suzanne, $403,000
5334 Darrow Rd, Wenzel Keith A Jr to Cities Finish LLC, $359,900
parcel 1400118 Akron Cleveland Rd, Might Vincent Paul to Lewis Curt R, $13,000
36 Bard Dr, Bahleda Michelle L to Napoleon Lumber Corporate, $250,000
961 Ashbrooke Approach, Ciccola Gabriele F to Sandona Eugene James, $500,000
79 Atterbury Blvd, Dual Hill Houses LLC to Newsome Christopher R, $82,000
7308 Arborwood Dr, Hunt Frederick L to Gordon Jacob Jeremiah Matthew, $473,000
253 Hartford Dr, Kohut John B Jr to Meyers Chad Eric, $237,500
2400 Lakeside Dr, Fedrowisch Frank to Thomas Brandie, $130,000
8291 Melody Ln, Piscitello Charles to Jenkins Jordan, $209,000
9400 Woodland Level Dr, Benn Tommie to Salmon Tiara, $375,000
812 Blackfeet Trl, Singh Dalbir to Terramiggi Paul, $223,000
9593 Airlane Dr, Fitzsimmons Randall L to Bryant Ray, $287,000
1008 Shepard Hills Blvd, Hahn Frank R to Turner Karla, $236,000
1117 Broadmoor Rd, Broman Trisha to Luiza David, $200,000
8580 Crow Dr, Timbers Derek to Timbers Derek, $150,255
742 Tuscany Dr, Kontura Ronald M Trustee to Fitzsimmons Randall L, $331,000
3751 Argonne Ave, Instantly Lynn M to Inexperienced James W, $185,900
1136 Linmar Dr, Ferencz David C to Biddell Kevin, $405,000
946 Canal Rd, Petrash Marion to Petrash Salvatore W, $180,000
parcel 4004489 Marwyck Dr, Porterfield Lim Lynne A to Lambs James G Jr, $4,000
8273 Augusta Ln, Mikhaiel Mark to Moore Robert R, $467,000
9104 Walton Rd, Douglas Tommy III to Huebner Ann N, $250,000
7711 Sagamore Hills Blvd, Seiler Carolyn B to Gally James R, $231,000
3939 Brush Rd, Sgro Shana S to Counsil Glenn Dewitt, $2,535,000
2968 Arborry Hill Rd, Gill Amanda N to Pry Adam M, $525,000
4029 Appleridge Ln, Brzuziewski Glenn E to Mcginnis Richard F, $475,000
5183 Brockton Dr, Wolf Robert to Blockston Melanie, $325,000
672 Treeside Dr, Cavallaro Antonio F to Flashouse Cle South LLC, $254,000
1671 Dallas Dr, Shotts Sean M to Hodjaev Zafar, $336,000
3140 Dover Rd, Coleman Matthew to Goede Jon David, $355,925
3373 Adaline Dr, Myers Andrew J to Perkins Ryan W, $191,000
3104 Kent Rd, Oshel Jennifer B to Strobl Nathan, $175,000
4023 Beckley Rd, Deangelis Thomas to Figley Brianna, $195,000
2398 & 2402 Hillcrest Dr, Barger Emily to Baratuci James N, $268,000
3091 Englewood Dr, Divvy Houses Warehouse A LLC to Ostrander Michael V, $260,000
2205 Graham Rd, Gallimore Donald H Trustee to Gallimore Nicholas, $184,000
3142 Peterboro Dr, Hornick Barbara I to Roberts Jenna Okay, $350,000
737 Danner Rd, Sandstrom Paul to Turbines Brett R, $129,500
1187 Broadview Rd, Melville Brad to Kinsley Cory M, $206,000
425 Inexperienced Meadow Dr, Haas Andrea L to Fischer Rebecca, $228,000
75 Washburn Cir, Pulte Houses of Ohio LLC to Hoover Richard T, $411,925
79 Reserve Dr, Pulte Houses of Ohio LLC to Miller Jessica E, $341,080
722 Atwood Dr, Thomas Raymond M to Denholm Liccia, $190,000
1698 Juniata Rd, Neuwirth Robert to Duncan Jonathan F, $129,900
293 Smith Dr, Guld Martha E to Rickert Krista Marie, $155,000
408 South Ave, Phelps Barbara S to Mar Belongings Control LLC, $57,000
32 S Thomas Rd, Mosholder William D to Malysa Joseph Jr, $144,900
675 Stafford Dr, Glasgow Charles N Jr to Hartley Bruce C, $237,500
2761 Tinkers Ln, Toohig Brian to Hallaj Mazin M, $169,900
1380 Waldo Approach, Patel Swetal M to Scott Devin T, $286,000
3096 Aspen Ln, Pulte Houses of Ohio LLC to Sakian Mark M, $468,437
1918 Rugby St, Guzman Brandon J to 1918 Rugby Side road LLC, $115,000
10478 White Ash Trl, Lane Bethany M to Schoen Harley Tereza, $210,000
10213 Brighton Cir, Aistrope Marilyn to Sidhu Kuljit S, $221,500
10253 Orchard Hill Ln, Bloch Michael S to Langston Brian, $145,000
1320 Bridget Ln, Wachholz Jerome to Yoon Seokwoo, $370,000
1766 Westwood Dr, Signet Houses LLC to Aux Investment LLC, $146,000
3111 Aspen Ln, Pulte Houses of Ohio LLC to Reed Timothy D, $434,220
10422 W Cobblestone Ln, Eldridge Thomas Scott to Moir Christopher R, $275,000
9906 Parkland Dr, Pero Victoria L to Nestlerode Nina, $397,500
9647 E Idlewood Dr, Oleski Michael C to Ganim Mary A, $180,000
3956 Carmelle Ct, Mattingly Joseph E Jr to Smith Kyle C, $390,000
4778 Buhl Blvd, Casteel Vanessa M to Menture Matthew D, $198,000
4685 Buhl Blvd, Kma Capital LLC to Kaaikaula Robert B, $285,000
3885 Kenway Blvd, Clifton Zachary to Huffman Alicia M, $400,000
1364 Sassafras Pl, Okay Hovnanian Woodland Lakes LLC to Stofer Kimberley A, $276,349
4671 Venus Rd, Rosier David Trustee to Skacvevic Marilyn C, $192,250
2751 & 2755 Lengthy Rd, Honetor John H to Hong Diem Le Katelyn, $215,000
1375 Maple Grove Ln, Okay Hovnanian Woodland Lakes LLC to Tultz Johnathon T, $255,356
1377 Maple Grove Ln, Okay Hovnanian Woodland Lakes LLC to Schorr Anne Inez, $277,130
840 Rockcreek Dr, Melchiori Raymond J III & Tracy L (J&S) to Mccorkle John, $499,900
610 Status Woods BV, Manav Lori L to Grieves Zachary Robert & Allison Elizabeth (J&S), $540,000
74 Mennonite, Wolff Emma L to Holohan Michael, $275,000
311 Garfield, Minton Andrea S to Fana 5 Houses LP, $160,000
4219 Sherman, Mathews Pandora A to Hruby Jeremiah C & Laura Hruby (J&S), $152,500
4676 Briar Hill Dr, Gustoff Matthew J to Davis Donald G & Laura M (J&S), $280,000
2276 Orchard Cr, NVR Inc DBA Ryan Houses to Wagner Gary Dean Jr & Jessica Pleasure (J&S), $307,345
4249 Whitestone Rd, Matyas Megan A to Roberts Michael & Stephanie (J&S), $270,000
2087 Tallmadge, Jones Donald L & Eleanor L (J&S) to Reich Mark Joseph, $141,000
3145 Mogadore, Mccrackin Patrick E to Shimensky Cory Joseph, $165,000
787 Chauncey Ln, Steck Michael C & Jenna L (J&S) to Jones Rachael, $252,000
Lot 20 PCL 3.13 St Rt 5, Freedson Jason A & Sara N (J&S) to Dombroski Mark & Kimberly Ann (J&S), $355,000
6243 St Rt 5, Freedson Jason A & Sara N (J&S) to Dombroski Mark & Kimberly Ann (J&S), $355,000
Lot 20 PCL 3.12 St Rt 5, Freedson Jason A & Sara N (J&S) to Dombroski Mark & Kimberly Ann (J&S), $355,000
Lot 20 St Rt 5, Freedson Jason A & Sara N (J&S) to Dombroski Mark & Kimberly Ann (J&S), $355,000
9449 Treasure BV, Distinctive feature Shawn & Mary to Copper Creek Cabins & Leases LLC, $61,050
7326 Hudson, Monroe James M & Roisin P (J&S) to Vanoster James Warren & Vivian Joan Schmid (J&S), $250,000
Lot 10RR Reserve at Eaglecreek SD River View Dr, Diloreto Thomas N & Diana L (Trustees) to Wilson John W & Terri L (J&S), $55,000
10931 Fox Den Cr, Hecky Chad E & Ping (J&S) to Mast Johnny & Clara (J&S), $400,000
731 W Major, Keys to Kent LLC to Al-Ghraibeh Bahaa Mnweh Husein, $70,000
Royal Hands West Cond Carports (#8 10 11 12 13 14 16 18 20 21 22) W Major, Marymac LLC @11 to Marymac LLC @11, $70,000
801 Admore Dr, Burnett Michael H to Villasagua Maximo J & Mabel P Alvarado (J&S), $334,000
1630 E Major, RTM Working Co LLC to TCD Arb Ko LLC, $625,000
330 Top, Wolf Leland C (Ttee) to Balazs Stephen John (Trustee), $115,000
987 Morris, Arr Houses LLC to Cwynar Jeff & Leah (J&S), $169,000
1176 Fairchild, Town Financial institution Funding Co Ltd to Gallardo Horacio, $115,000
306 Mantua, Hansford Robert T (Tod) (S L & M M Hansford) to Golden Flash Leases 2 LLC, $250,000
306 Mantua, Hansford Robert T (Tod) (S L & M M Hansford) to Golden Flash Leases 2 LLC, $250,000
207 Pearl, Kent Suites LLC to Sulbaran Ebed & Jodi Corridor (J&S), $170,000
1545 Vine, Zhu Yanjun & Yunzi Zhang to Wang Zhong Ming & Hong Jie Dong (J&S), $180,000
990 Edgewater Cr, Ungashick Edward J & Sandra J (J&S) to Clere Daniel T & Betty Okay (J&S), $310,000
1277 Munroe Falls, Nunnery Carrie to Leach David Joshua & Rachel (J&S), $153,750
Lot 5C Newcomer Devgroup SD 3, Newcomer Building Crew LLC to Pietrocini Jeremy R, $120,000
5437 Mennonite, Lance Robin (Successor Trustee) to Reed Joan, $234,900
12284 St Rt 44, Maynard Rick to Foulkes Andres L & Ashley M (J&S), $329,900
8424 St Rt 305, Barker Barrie L & Jeffrey A (J&S) to Arnett Clyde D, $112,000
11582 Nicholson Rd, Byler Christian D & Erma M (J&S) to Blaze Javier & Jordyn Alexandra (J&S), $292,197
Lot 18 Div 4 Mahoning, Roof Jarod & Lori (J&S) to Fickey Darold L & Wendy S (J&S), $40,000
8710 Henderson Rd, Woodard Paul J & April J (J&S) to Reynolds Scott & Danielle N (J&S), $310,000
1046 New Milford, Householder Chad W & Kimberly A (J&S) to Griffin Timothy L & Trudy (J&S), $245,000
3397 Eberly, Cobb Henry to Howerton Kerwin Matthew & Margaret (J&S), $350,000
248 Madison, Hagy Ingramm W Richard Jr & Jewel J Jr (J&S) to Campbell Daniel Clayton & Olivia Marie (J&S), $115,000
648 Crown, Polichena Frank T & Nicholas F to Atkinson Michael C, $47,000
Diamond Acres Block A Lake St, Watts Dennis P &@ (43) to Watts Dennis P &@ (43), $190,000
658 Diamond Cr, Fairness Believe Co Custodian FBO Jeffrey S English Ira to Love Janice L, $190,000
2942 Fanatics Ln, Kinzel Julie L to Huffman Randy P, $80,000
3766 Fanatics Ln, Ellsworth Robert & Christina Hormell (J&S) to Gauding Lester Harland & Phyllis Evelyn, $125,000
3164 Summit, Courson Steven & Patti Ann Hicks to Hicks Micheal, $120,000
4899 Hattrick Rd, Benchmark Houses of Ohio Ltd to North Robert F Jr & Sarah N (J&S), $345,000
3085 St Rt 44, Watters Robert R & Kathy M to Bice Kevin W, $185,000
2236 Bushes Ridge Tl, Vanderink Steven & Dana (J&S) to Gordon Steven & Rebecca (J&S), $415,000
10195 Ridgeview Ct, Shoop Michael C & Kimberly D (J&S) to Stewart Stacy L, $300,000
9081 St Rt 14, Lim Charles & Betty Yao Lim to 9081/9083 State Direction LLC, $365,000
9081 St Rt 14, Lim Charles&Betty Yao Lim & Stacey & Jonathan (J&S) to Lim Charles & Betty Yao Lim, $182,500
9036 Portage Pointe, Beeman Karla L to Kulbago Timothy J & Jessica (J&S), $87,000
555 Mondial PW, 555 Mondial LLC to Aurora 555 Mondial LLC, $10,500,000
1611 Crescent Dr, Lang Brent Robert&Shalonda S Chisholm (J&S) to Grey Nelson & Judith (J&S), $316,000
865 Heath Ln, Del Torto James B to Katz Daniel L, $192,000
18 Manning Rd, Madden Timothy & Kathleen (J&S) to Strukel David M & Kimberly S Harlan (J&S), $550,000
1431 St Rt 43, Suffield Investments LLC to Timycha Mogadore Holdings LLC, $640,750
Lot 28 St Rt 43, Suffield Investments LLC to Timycha Mogadore Holdings LLC, $640,750
1880 Trares, Lowden William & Emilie (J&S) to Lowden William & Emile (J&S), $0
10111 Stanley, Kurtz David W & Wallace W Jr (J&S) to Miller Andrew & Melanie, $75,306
9531 E Middle, Liddle Thomas E & Brenda Okay to Kilgore Pleasure L, $46,000
8840 Faculty, Cline Robert W & Nancy J to Larch Michelle, $100,000
9131 Linden Cr, Feller Cody R & Nicole L (J&S) to Bard Tammy, $81,000
9121 Maple Cr, Renewing Houses LLC to Monroe James Michael & Roisin Patricia (J&S), $125,000
9875 Belden, Moore Cecil J & Patricia A (J&S) to Mcintyre Nannette M, $89,900
9102 Retailer, Portage Houses III Ltd PTSHP to Dunfee Corrina F, $130,000
9066 Wilverne, Markusic Michael J & Natalie A (J&S) to Gilbert Bruce W & Melina L (J&S), $134,500
Kennedy Mark A Jr from Mccartney Alice A & Hanlon Carolyn C, 612 Ashland Ave, $78,000. 
Mckenzie Marjorie Lynn from Draa Wayne A Ttee, 1650 Charl-Ann Dr, $200,000. 
TKB Dayton LLC from Cox Kimberly J, 203 E Mill St, $125,000. 
Williamson Jayson T from Gallina Andrew M & Amanda D, 492 W Cambridge St, $67,000. 
Wilson Kevin R Sr & Karen D from Dreger Carissa L, 1187 Fail to remember Dr, $164,900. 
Diehl Kenneth C & Mickie L from Hern Janet Harward, 502 Marketplace St NE, $30,000. 
Diehl Kenneth C & Mickie L from Hern Janet Harward, 508 Marketplace St NE, $30,000. 
Frank Steve L/E Frank Pearl from Frank Matthew G & Elizabeth A L/E Fran, 5706 Kemary Ave SW, $340,000. 
Croasmun Collin Andrew from Croasmun Brian D & Daybreak E, 332 Top St SE, $97,720. 
Czartoszewski Daniel E & Katherine R from Gruber Karen A Trustee, parcel 9502479 Cherry St E, $5,000. 
Czartoszewski Daniel E & Katherine R from Metropolitan Land Comany, parcel 9501684 Colony Rd, $40,000. 
Adkins Peggy from Adkins Peggy & David P Varner, 3808 Norman Ave NW, $55,400. 
Anthony David from Clifford Erskine, 807 fifth St NE, $40,000. 
Asberry Jermaine R from Wells Kathleen A, & Martha J & Wolfe, 2109 twenty fourth St NE, $15,000. 
Barth Mary P & Matthew A from Miner Skyler & Victoria, 2142 4th St NE, $76,000. 
Beatty Christopher & Alysha from Oswald Mai B & Hayek Rene R, 5154 Schuller Dr NE, $220,000. 
Beck Timothy R from Armstrong Susan M, 2106 Dennison PL NW, $51,000. 
Benchmark Houses of Ohio Ltd from Cole Barbara J, 1331 nineteenth St NW, $30,000. 
Brumbaugh Dora from Heavens Holdings LLC, 2302 Bollinger Ave NE, $80,000. 
Carden Matthew T from Marks Greg L, 1227 Dartmouth Ave SW, $77,000. 
Chapman Jason from Komaromy Krista M, 234 seventeenth St NW, $164,900. 
Cialella Joseph from Graybill Christopher J, 2914 fifth St NW, $54,000. 
CMN Realty LLC from 2d Probability Development LLC, 1817 Penn PL NE, $29,000. 
CNB Actual Property Investments LLC from Ledford Lucy C, 152 Bedford Ave NW, $59,900. 
Prepare dinner Dajuane M from Schoeneman Charles F, 1302 ninth St NW, $5,000. 
Crossroad Leases LLC from Wenzel Richard L & Ilean P, 1418 Homer Ave NW, $51,250. 
DLL Holdings Crew LLC from Kerry David A, 813 thirteenth St NW, $35,000. 
Fabynick Sandra D from Palmer Levering B, 1021 4th St SW, $35,700. 
Fabynick Sandra D from Palmer Levering B, 1023 4th St SW, $35,700. 
Friedrich Alicia M & Joseph D Jr from Peters Robert & Kristen, 1825 Glen Hole St NW, $245,000. 
Gliatta Nick & Regina from Kramerica Houses LLC, 1405 Vermont PL NE, $47,500. 
Grimes Wendell from Allen Larry W, 2203 Washington BLVD NW, $145,000. 
Hagin Kenneth Ervin & Marie Ann from Crum Brent P & Dorkoff Elizabeth A, 2718 Gibbs Ave NE, $165,000. 
Hidden Hole Houses LLC from Zuza Marykathryn, 2015 thirty fourth St NW, $212,000. 
Joshua Leases LLC from Most sensible Gun Houses LLC, 2814 Rosewood PL NW, $43,000. 
Joshua Leases Ltd from Most sensible Gun Houses LLC, 2721 eleventh St SW, $32,000. 
Kolek Marc from Hawkins Lauren & Eric, 1016 forty eighth St NW, $181,000. 
Menegay Heather from Chiarelli John P, 639 Smith Ave SW, $22,000. 
MJMBRF LLC from Tri State Apartment Houses LLC, 1531 Parkhill PL NE, $132,000. 
MJMBRF LLC from Tri State Apartment Houses LLC, parcel 226227 Gross Ave NE, $132,000. 
MJMBRF LLC from Tri-State Apartment Houses LLC, 1534 Parkhill PL NE, $132,000. 
Moore Mandi A from Raffin Dante A, 510 nineteenth St NW, $129,000. 
Moyer Douglas & Stephanie from Chiarelli John, 617 Alexander PL NE, $20,000. 
Mumford Demetrius S from Schwartz Mary A, 1715 Yale Ave NW, $89,000. 
National Investments LLC from Black Zachary & Religion, 828 Columbus Ave NW, $39,000. 
Nawotniak Tammi S from Merlin Houses of Stark County Ltd, 627 Columbus Ave NW, $82,000. 
Neglic Susan from Reiss Shane D, 1611 Bedford Ave SW, $57,000. 
Patel Girish from Amicone Jerrylee, 1827 Wertz Ave SW, $35,000. 
Pelico Margarita from Degeorge Regina L, 1726 Ohio Ave NE, $41,000. 
Perez Victor from Soehnlen Carol A & Leo A Trustees, 3201 eleventh St SW, $27,000. 
Powell Christine M from Buonocore Bryan, 236 thirty sixth St NW, $186,500. 
Richards Jonathan & Hayhurst Amanda from Trump Gary L, 1625 nineteenth St NE, $42,000. 
Ruegg Adam from Peterson Mark, 2429 seventh St NW, $82,400. 
SLW Building LLC from Ake Houses IV LLC, 2536 Cleveland Ave SW, $299,000. 
Smalls Brenda J from Collier Olivia & Harris Annttanette &, 1471 Willet Ave SE, $27,400. 
Stewart Zachary M from Prepare dinner Melissa, 1030 Arlington Ave SW, $8,000. 
Most sensible Realty Enterprises LLC from Cindia Ronald R Sr, 1505 Harrisburg Rd NE, $40,000. 
Vasquez Romualdo from Miller Tara L, 1309 Gibbs Ave NE, $50,000. 
Vazsonyi Richard from Sines Timothy Jacob, 610 twenty second St NW, $170,000. 
Weaver Samantha from Mix Alec T, 4212 2d St NW, $139,900. 
Yoder Tiara E from Hiner & Son LLC, 1334 Shorb Ave NW, $37,500. 
Baxter Charles W & Shirley A from Wilcox Bradley F & Yates Michelle C, 1205 thirty third St SW, $325,000. 
Daniel Addie from Smith Joanne E, 1313 Stardust Ave NW, $180,000. 
Farmer Danielle & Bowen Beth from Miner Linda S, 1324 Cole Ave SE, $43,000. 
Miller Nicole from Vanhorn Earl T, 4756 Sherman Church Ave SW, $86,800. 
Riffle Keith William Jr from Chaney Stephen F, 208 forty third St SW, $90,000. 
Sal Funding Houses LLC from Capestrain Donald L & Susan L, 2923 Helen PL NW, $115,500. 
Smith Dimitri & Richardson-Crawford from Musisca Pagan Marie, 3925 Lincoln St E, $167,900. 
Stevenson Gage W from Pitinii Frederick M, 408 Poplar Ave NW, $144,000. 
Taylor Joshua D from Palmer Pamela M & Taylor Jamie L &, 4614 Springvale Ave SW, $107,500. 
Webster Rickey E Jr & Angela C from Webster Rickey E Sr Darlene J, 1104 forty sixth St SW, $119,000. 
A C Development Stark Inc from Stark Funding Corporate Ltd, parcel 1623400 Putney Court docket Ave NW, $50,000. 
Beckwith Lawrence L & Binnig Laura L from Dunham Dagny, 2845 Antique Ave NW, $210,000. 
Fowler Matthew & Kevin S from Sedjo Randy A, 8507 Acadia St NW, $160,000. 
Griffiths Victoria F from Vliet Charles E, 6160 Outdated Church Ave NW, $400,000. 
JJ & Wi Ltd from WSRS Houses LLC, 4100 Vacation St NW, $8,300,000. 
JJ & Wi Ltd from WTS Belongings Ltd, 4048 Dressler Rd NW, $8,300,000. 
JJ & Wi Ltd from WTS Belongings Ltd, 4277 Munson St NW, $8,300,000. 
Leach Andrew R from Watson Jenna M, 7153 Andiron Cir NW, $270,000. 
Medure Vince from Hoagland Delno Laverne, 5348 Amherst Ave NW, $125,000. 
Newton Raymond J and Erica from Kelly Patrick R & Karen L, 4218 Glacier Ave NW, $220,000. 
Nguyen Tuong Thuan Thi & Pauong Duc from Ilijevski Blaze & Mirjana, 7659 Uniondale St NW, $325,000. 
Palmer Jarrod & Britney from Fulmer Travis Scott & Dawson Julie N, 6540 Lorraine Ave NW, $267,000. 
Rasmussen Margie M & Richard A from Korey Janet L, 6707 Palmer Dr NW, $219,000. 
Shank Brandon & Collins Samantha from Scotsbury Developers Crew LLC, 8731 Scotsbury Glen St NW, $89,000. 
Stoneham Companions LLC & Stoneham from Realty Mates of Canton Inc, 2520 Wales Ave NW, $840,000. 
Teter Michael P & Jolyn S from Haviland Richelle M, 8140 Milmont St NW, $146,790. 
Welch Ashwin Kumar & Peggy Louise from Denny Lola, 1010 Stuart St NW, $200,000. 
Yorty Gina from Drury Thomas W & Kimberly M, 5223 Echoglenn Ave NW, $299,000. 
Adkins Corey & Bethany from Hudkins William E, 3822 Large Vista St NW, $305,000. 
Anderson Marianna from Morgan Jeffrey W & Mary M Trustees of TH, 13188 Crestview Cir NW, $100,000. 
Austin Chad & Lisa from Abshire Richard L &Cinda L, 1364 Cosmos St NW, $199,900. 
Brott Karen & Kenneth Ttees from Mackenzie Robert D & Ada L Trustees, 1274 State St NE, $290,000. 
Cheviron-Winn Paula from Colagrande Helen, 3901 State St NW, $175,800. 
Dimarzio James M III from Ralphs Apartment LLC, 1561 Mount Delightful St NE, $171,000. 
Ee Houses LLC from Benchmark Houses of Ohio Ltd, 1876 Buckeye St NW, $181,000. 
Flashhouse Cle South LLC from Tonhaeuser Henry S, 3575 Large Vista St NW, $215,000. 
Koelble Jennifer from Macabobby John M & Ann M, 3202 Rockingham Cir NW, $276,500. 
Naugebauer Erich & Christiane from Zuech Jeffrey T & Stephanie E, 8415 Mackenzie Ave NW, $527,500. 
Circulation & Wetlands Basis from Zellers Okay W & Son Inc, parcel 1905701 Duquette Ave NE, $332,600. 
Hileman Cameron Michael from Christopher Daniel P & Kula Autumn, 11315 Orrville St NW, $145,000. 
Garvin Hugh F Jr & Barbara J from Harsh Joseph M & Steckel Nicole I, 12050 Rockhill Ave NE, $135,000. 
Ramirez Jacob Luis & from Duff Helen M, 12171 Mccallum Ave NE, $165,000. 
Prohibited LLC from Tall Oaks Houses LLC, 106 Reno Dr, $150,700. 
Sarchione Jonathan P & Kaci from Habyan Robert S & Judy A, parcel 3105558 St Peters Church Rd NE, $145,000. 
Circulation & Wetlands Basis from Arrow Land LLC, 5933 Swamp St NE, $182,000. 
Circulation & Wetlands Basis from Arrow Land LLC, parcel 3100366 Swamp Rd NE, $182,000. 
Circulation & Wetlands Basis from Zellers Okay W & Son Inc, parcel 3101560 Swamp Rd NE, $332,600. 
Werner James F & Christine E from Liverett Thomas E &Gwen M, 14282 Sharonbrook Ave NE, $219,900. 
Ditch Clifford G from Ditch Mickey W, 1700 Manchester Ave NW #14, $1,000. 
DLL Holdings Crew LLC from Mannweiler James L & Shirley A, 109 eighth St SW, $109,900. 
Fab 2 LLC from Allied Truck & Trailer Gross sales LLC, parcel 10010790 third St NW, $100,000. 
Flashhouse Cle South LLC from Dennis Bradley J and Jillien, 424 Shaw Ave NE, $111,500. 
Lengthy Nicholas C from Briggs Richard Okay & Peggy Okay, 563 Neale Ave SW, $92,000. 
Mitchell Anthony from Hopton Briana C, 814 Matthias Ave NE, $147,000. 
Niebuhr Megan from Orr Aaron & Jeanne M, 2390 Urbana Ave SE, $265,000. 
Rodrigues-Alves Kevin from Jones Edna B, 1205 Walnut Rd SE, $35,200. 
SFR3-040 LLC from Nincevic Mateo D, 1116 Borden Ave SW, $68,500. 
Warner Alden Gene & Sally J from Viront John M, 610 4th St NE, $12,000. 
Foor Glenn David III & Mandy Marie from Marzoppi Eugene R &Judith Okay, 3060 Nickel Plate Ave NE, $220,000. 
Foor Glenn David III & Mandy Marie from Marzoppi Eugene R &Judith Okay, parcel 3302491 S Nickel Plate St, $220,000. 
Hardy Jody & Jefferson from Tschantz Grayden W Trustee, 5725 Crock St NE, $75,000. 
Hoffman Joseph J from Parks Wilma G, 6031 Apple St, $25,000. 
Skyland Pine Ltd from Strasser Gerald M, 4955 Broadway Ave, $160,000. 
Hanus Michelle L from Brown Patricia Trustee, 1405 Pink Trainer St SE, $337,900. 
Holohan Kathleen M from Floom Virginia M, 325 Harmon St SW, $160,000. 
Leigh Katie A & Nathan R from Bradshaw Gerald W &Betty D TRUSTEES/GERA, 534 Pershing Ave SE, $250,000. 
Mercorelli Alexandra from Austin Chad E & Lisa C, 121 Lindy Lane Ave SW, $165,500. 
Walters Rebecca J Trustee from Hlaves Wilma, 1420 New England Dr SE, $295,000. 
Beck James from Burgess Susan J Trustee / Susan J Burges, 7562 Lincoln St SE, $75,000. 
Cedar Apartment Houses LLC from Jamba Realty LLC, 121 Picket St N, $38,000. 
Lemasters Charles R from Baker Nicholas R & Jerri L, 278 Berger St N, $194,700. 
Monk Joshua G from Chuckalovchak Paul & Lisa, 2644 Goshen Ave NE, $335,000. 
Skelton Corey A from NVR Inc D/B/A Ryan Houses, 5618 Spanish Bay St SE, $317,030. 
Foster Hannah M from Strait Harry E & Carol M, 11501 Gordon St SE, $150,000. 
Kirven Zachary P from Browne Brandon R, 14000 Lincoln St SE Lot #19, $11,400. 
Smith Greg A & Diane from Lawson Kenneth E, parcel 4103896 Liberty Church St SE, $92,000. 
Benchmark Houses of Ohio Ltd from Kerstetter Karl D &Tammy D, 321 Fairlawn Ave SW, $64,000. 
Brillon Mikayla Marie from Kirkbride Bruce A., 1244 Miles Ave SW, $140,000. 
Davidson Daniel & Joanne Michelle from NVR Inc A Virginia Company DBA, 6062 Lavenham Rd SW, $332,080. 
Deem Carroll & Richard E from Hite Sean P, 4989 Dee Mar Ave SW, $192,900. 
Ferrante Anthony T & Debra L from Perciballi Development Corporate, 1146 Louisa Marie Ave NW, $228,000. 
Hboh Perry LLC from Yoder Houses Ltd, 4664 Tuscarawas St W, $190,000. 
Hooper Enterprises ;;C from Buxton Dan Member as Ttee / Gekko Holdin, 5022 Southway St SW, $300,000. 
Legere Trent & Leary Adam & Tamara from Blythe Development LLC, 4089 Fairgrove Ave SW, $238,990. 
Legg Ruby & Bowman Janice L from Compton Malik R, 4451 seventh St NW, $135,000. 
Lyons Carol S from Carman Jack Lee, 2625 Barnstone Ave SW, $153,600. 
Montrose Building Corporate LLC from Tusc Goodwill LLC, 4510 Tuscarawas St W, $1,750,000. 
Najeeullah Abdul Hakeem from NVR Inc A Virginia Company DBA, 6109 Lavenham Rd SW, $453,400. 
NVR Inc D/B/A Ryan Houses from Dehoff Company Inc, 6116 Lavenham Rd SW, $60,000. 
Petrarca Joseph Anthony from Petrarca James M & Karen M, 4612 thirteenth St NW, $125,000. 
Belongings 31 LLC from BG Customized Houses, Inc, 2467 Delaware Ave SW, $301,300. 
Reolfi Katherine Anna from West Tyler R, 3062 Rowford Ave SW, $129,900. 
Williams Kelly from Lamp Trenton D, 4222 Southway St SW, $114,200. 
Ansar Mohammad from Geib Charles Ttee, 2355 Maycrest St SE, $214,500. 
Corrin Rachel & Van Voorhis Zachery from Corrin Charles, 1241 Dawnridge St SE, $182,000. 
Trautman Fred W from Reti Lisa, 5729 Grand Blanc Dr SW, $2,000. 
Anders Gregg A & Joyce E from Mertes Richard J & Michelle M, 2751 Chaucer Dr NE, $254,900. 
Choudhury Chandransu from Syroid Michael Vincent, 5225 Oakbriar Cir NE, $268,268. 
Compton Brooklyn D & Malik from Kirksey Peggy & Henry, 3609 St Elmo Ave N, $230,000. 
Finney Jonathan from Casciato Tara L, 1907 Eastbranch Cir NE, $209,900. 
Genovese August E from Oldaker Kevin W, 7946 Amberly Cir NW, $130,000. 
Henry Brandon J & Campbell Jessica L from Skelton Corey, 8578 Fromes Ave NE, $190,000. 
Holcomb James Warren from Ardelea Catherine A, 2135 forty first St NE, $157,500. 
Mccue Cody Edward from Machamer Christopher, 3300 Root Ave NE, $92,000. 
NVR Inc D/B/A Ryan Houses from Mckinley Edgewood Building Corporate LL, 1344 Fountain View St NE, $72,000. 
Piccolo Marlene A & Billingslea Roxann from Pass Timberlands LLC, 2434 Purdue Cir NW, $325,000. 
Robbins Eleanor & Charles from Edwards Joel E & Pamela A, 6107 Wiclif Rd NE, $220,000. 
Simonson Michael A & Ida Charmaine from Hubbard Alfred J Jr, 1310 thirty first St NE, $172,000. 
Tansek Gregory J & Pamela Okay from NVR Inc A Virginia Company DBA, 1276 Fountain View St NE, $361,790. 
Thagard Carlos & Amy L from Wells Fargo Financial institution N.a., 1129 Milford St NE, $78,000. 
Thompson James from Hegedus Phillip J, 1595 Windcrest St NW, $254,500. 
Walukano Jane Kambura & from NVR Inc A Virginia Company DBA, 3404 Wicker St NE, $272,380. 
Watkins Jadrian DB from Foor Glenn D III & Mandy M, 7915 Copper Court docket Cir NE, $285,000. 
Yacapraro Carl Jr from Hiner Paul W, 7540 Marelis Ave NE, $156,200. 
Deem Wesley D & Nicole L from Corsi Dennis James & Suzette M, 9880 Muckley Dr SE, $250,000. 
Church of Ohio LLC from Justus Evangelical United Brethern Churc, 11791 Mount Eaton St SW, $118,000. 
Church of Ohio LLC from Justus Evangelical United Brethren Churc, parcel 6780019 Mount Eaton St SW, $118,000. 
Church of Ohio LLC from Trustees of the United Brethern Church, 11771 Navarre Rd SW, $118,000. 
Zartman William v III from Zartman Patsy I, 112 Redwood St SW, $75,000. 
Nussbaum Kristopher Ryan & Abigail from Bussard Albert F & Susan M, 2498 Pigeon Run Rd SW, $440,000. 
Rohr Shawn M & Maria N from Fuller Larry & Myra, 1309 Kenyon Rd SW, $270,000. 
Turnure John & Richardson Jessica from Corridor Barbara J, 1623 Manchester Ave SW, $180,000. 
Whitely Justin & Elizabeth from Rozaieski Thomas J, 6771 Oakhill Ave NE, $150,000.
5613 Crooked Stick Dr, Bedford Tyler M & Angela D to Satterwhite Anthony & Kimberly, $205,000
parcel 033-12C-25-025 Sharbrook South Rd, Hagler Wesley D & Barbara A to Caulfield Michael James & Megan Mockbee, $150,000
1071 Kings Ridge Blvd, Engineer Dipika M to Miller Paul A & Catherine Pappas, $540,000
2689 Seville Rd, Pappas Daniel A to Johnsen Andrea N & Brendan Kelley, $240,000
5931 Moorhouse Dr, Stewart Gregory R & Teresa Lynne to Callahan Caleb J & Stacey T Trustees, $1,399,999
parcel 038-17C-07-052 Seville Rd, Pappas Daniel A to Johnsen Andrea N & Brendan Kelley, $240,000
950 N Top St, Skilled Useful resource Building Inc to PRD Actual Property 2 LLC, $1,870,000
531 Highland Ave, Metzger Scott A to Hnin Sui & Thanhin Par, $225,000
399 Shannon Dr, Cramer Irene to Sladky Carol D, $252,500
parcel 040-20C-14-025 Laborious St 494-498, Avelino G Bolumen and Maria E Bolumen Believe the to St Andrews LLC, $230,000
1219 Laila Ln, Romanoff Cynthia & Mark to Kurnot Emily Marie, $188,000
235 Ohio Ave, Flanigan Nicholas M to Michelli Anthony M & Silina D, $165,000
parcel 040-20C-14-026 Laborious St 504-506, Avelino G Bolumen and Maria E Bolumen Believe the to St Andrews LLC, $230,000
756 Sparrow Approach, Cicora Vanessa & Gene Snyder to Mick Victor W & Barbara, $290,000
1805 Cobham Ln, Pulte Houses of Ohio LLC to Grentzer Amy B, $477,600
1777 Cobham Ln, Pulte Houses of Ohio LLC to Patel Yogesh N & Shweta Y, $409,635
1359 Sharbrook South Rd, Hagler Wesley D & Barbara A to Boucher Rene & Beverly, $200,000
5320 Boston Rd, Benson Raymond G Jr to Orwig Abbigail F & Parker O Winchell, $275,000
4765 Locust Ln, Tesar James J & Daniel P & Tricia A Irwin to Parsons John A, $250,000
2903 Galway Dr, S & B 33 LLC to Drees Corporate the, $140,000
60 Claremont Dr, Vespoli Bradley to Burke Zachary J & Victoria L Nalepa, $260,000
3817 Grafton Rd, Mckean Nicole to Yeager William, $289,000
899 Quinebaug Ct, Incorvaia Michael & Sylvia to Merhaut Morgan L, $151,000
811 Westminister Dr, Martinez Alvaro R & Samantha E to Ptak Brandon J & Tracy G Foltz, $275,000
4237 Regal Ave, Davis Allan H Jr to Davis Melanie Marie & John James Juchum, $106,000
1305 Catherine Dr, Scaggs Betty M to Sroka Ewelina & Marcin, $180,000
921 Picket Hill Ct, Dyson Richard T & Joanne E Trustee to Willis Michael E & Elizabeth I Ellinger, $360,000
1225 Kent Dr, Stephens John D & Nancy M to Colantonio Eric, $199,000
1433 Princeton Dr, Foster Shane to Reisner Shirley, $155,000
1400 Andrea Dr, Fortney Blake & Bianca Parete to Kolb Ashley, $243,000
3318 Van Buren Dr, Parsons John A to Nau Jeffrey Robert & Claudia Maria, $241,000
1730 Clemson Dr, Payne Scott E & Jacqueline M to Kolesar Kathleen M & Richard P, $365,051
974 Slate Dr, Sabarwal Gaurav & Aanchal to Barbarotta Sam C, $385,000
1501 Yale Dr, Doughty Beverly A to Ciprich Jeffrey Clinton, $200,000
parcel 014-14D-24-034 Harley Dr, Fariand Ltd to Harrisville Harley LLC, $a million
parcel 047-29A-03-004 Parkside Dr 113-115, Arnold Donald L to Wilson Caleb S & Brenna N Suppes, $165,000
500 Madison Trl, Jap Gross sales Building Inc to Pavkov Nathaniel & Veronica Ann, $801,400
2367 Weymouth Rd, Luketic Gina Trustee of the Perisutti Residing Believe to Lotrean Rachel & Samuel David, $277,200
32 Brookside Blvd, Moir Gary & Melita H to Funderwhite David, $325,000
8650 Pawnee Rd, Piskac Joseph O Jr to Hostetler Andy F & Fannie A & Sammie F Hostetler, $360,000
8991 Smith Rd, Lutz Jean to Barrington Krista E & Michael, $221,000
parcel 024-04D-31-018 Smith Rd, Lutz Jean to Barrington Krista E & Michael, $221,000
520 Creek Bend Trl, Whisper Creek Building LLC to NVR Inc DBA Ryan Houses, $43,000
108 S Marketplace St, Ruffing Brian & Kristen to Sprowl Tracy A, $154,900
parcel 013-14B-07-011 Vandemark Rd, Toth Dennis E & Sandie Lee Smith to Carabin Thomas W Jr & Karen, $72,000
parcel 015-26A-14-060 Prospect St 109 & 109 1 / 2, Berry Beverly A to Spectrum Mid-American LLC, $112,000
4044 Foskett Rd, Peters Brandon J Trustee to Gabel Paul, $235,000
2666 Hollyhock Ln, Johnston Allyson C to Neale Erin M & Mary F Wanko, $255,000
parcel 001-02D-28-019 Foskett Rd, Peters Brandon J Trustee to Gabel Paul, $235,000
3615 Masons Relaxation Dr, Hajdari Mimoza to Slivinskiy Anatoliy & Alina, $215,000
1422 Ledge Rd, Olson Kathleen A to S & B 33 LLC, $500,000
parcel 005-07B-02-003 Ledge Rd, Alber Deborah L Trustee to S & B 33 LLC, $570,000
6040 Lafayette Rd, Sakryd Charles to Kittle Nicholas W & Tina N, $121,000
8240 Stone Rd, Uronis Joseph R to Sklarz Mathew S & Amy N, $266,000
6364 Ryan Rd, NVR Inc DBA Ryan Houses to Grabowski Bryan David, $545,305
parcel 026-06C-07-216 Grande Retail outlets Av 4927-4959, Zaremba Grande LLC to Medina Grande Retail outlets LLC, $8,050,000
parcel 026-06C-07-227 4885-4895 Grand Retail outlets Ave, Zaremba Grande LLC to Medina Grande Retail outlets LLC, $8,050,000
parcel 026-06C-07-251 Grande Retail outlets Ave, Zaremba Grande LLC to Medina Grande Retail outlets LLC, $8,050,000
parcel 026-06C-07-219 Grande Blvd, Zaremba Grande LLC to Medina Grande Retail outlets LLC, $8,050,000
parcel 026-06C-07-221 Grande Retail outlets Ave, Zaremba Grande LLC to Medina Grande Retail outlets LLC, $8,050,000
3671 Nichols Rd, Lombardo Anthony G to Moredock Ryan & Meghan, $440,000
5010 Grande Retail outlets Ave, Zaremba Grande LLC to Medina Grande Retail outlets LLC, $8,050,000
4995 Grande Blvd, Zaremba Grande LLC to Medina Grande Retail outlets LLC, $8,050,000
4794 Debbie Dr, Blazer Karin G to Shue Gregory J & Christine M, $226,000
2835 Medina Rd, Alexandris Anastassios & Linda to Cam Auto Investments LLC, $610,000
225 Highland Dr, Chapman Stephen A & Rhonda C to Boothe Dennis Jr & Natalie, $138,000
611 Canterbury Ln B-12, Mckim J Chris to Freet Alexis, $77,000
950 Damon Dr, Lus Julia to Knopp Bryan M & Kristy Okay Mitchell, $175,000
130 Bradway St, Magier Thomas G to Carlton Connie L, $156,500
1168 N Jefferson St U-47B, Ling Laverne & Robert G to Orslene Patricia A, $199,900
250 S Vine St, Graczyk Robert & Billy Casto to Crawford Harvey S, $123,300
parcel 028-19C-20-223 Topsail Dr, NVR Inc DBA Ryan Houses to Eckhardt Frederick Carl, $285,165
parcel 028-19C-20-222 Topsail Dr, NVR Inc DBA Ryan Houses to Abdelmessih Nargis H, $304,240
1043 Brookfield Dr, Corridor Edward A to Loiver Kathleen Ann, $147,500
929 Van Buren Approach, French Charles H & Sharon L to Neuenschwander Christopher & Jody, $240,000
1098 Sunhaven Dr, Smith Jeffrey to Hejny Nicholas & Erin, $309,000
parcel 030-11A-12-077 Highland Inexperienced Dr, Fox Meadow Grasp Affiliation to Fox Meadow Grasp Affiliation, $2,500
6298 Wooster Pike, Residing Hope Church of the Christian and Missionary Alliance to Residing Hope Church of the Christian and Missionary Alliance, $14,000
5896 Trystin Tree Dr, Banning Bruce & Tanya to Value Jordan Lee, $355,000
2721 Foxtail Pine Dr, Providence South LLC to Schwab Andrew & Angela, $135,000
2339 Fixler Rd, Schwager Andrew P to Venditti Joseph A, $305,000
parcel 033-12B-07-112 Medina Rd, Henke Lois E Trustee of the Henke Revocable Residing Believe to Milone Joseph A & Natalie A, $52,000
7365 Norwalk Rd, Blackwelder Paul B & Judith E Carr to Dickon Bruce, $312,500
3939 Lampson Ave, Foster Bryon Okay & Kimberly Jo to Beck Guynelle & Anthony L, $125,000
5854 Smith Rd, Rabe Doris J Residing Believe & Doris J Rabe Trustee to A F Stan Actual Property LLC, $100,000
3893 Falcon Ridge Dr, Mitchell Gary S & Doreen Gazzo-Mitchell to Laughlin Jack R & Denise L, $497,500
parcel 026-06D-35-111 Gateway Dr, Alexandris Anastassios & Linda to Cam Auto Investments LLC, $610,000
168 Forecastle Trl, Knotts James Clifford & Lisa Ann to Kondov Todor & Kristen A Dobson, $310,000
107 Bar Harbor Blvd, Wasson Jacqueline R & Thomas J Sheehan to Steinbrenner Austin J & Amy, $255,000
133 Middle St, Davis Thomas A & Joyce L to Buckingham Brenda A, $126,200
parcel 012-21A-05-099 Middle St, Telmanik Joseph & Christine M to PJS Houses LLC & Stone Brothers Farms LLC, $360,000
184 Blue Spruce Ct, Cianciola Amelia M & Richard J to Badillo Confesor Martin & Cynthia Lorraine Kuhl, $270,000
parcel 012-21A-05-098 Hubbard Valley Rd (R), Telmanik Joseph & Christine M to PJS Houses LLC & Stone Brothers Farm LLC, $360,000
7030 Seville Rd, Popov Giura & Marianne to Piper Don Gale & Joan Carolina Co-Trustee of the Piper Circle of relatives Rev Believe, $179,000
662 W River Rd, Lakeview Rural Reservation LLC to Johanek Erin Beth & Michael John, $205,000
parcel 025-01D-44-007 Gayer Rd, Gavlak David Allen to Wagner Andrew P & Jaklyn Conti, $45,000
parcel 045-05B-04-013 Gayer Rd, Gavlak David Allen to Wagner Andrew P & Jaklyn Conti, $45,000
7941 E Lincoln Approach, Sindlinger Steven Okay & Jina Okay S/T to Hershberger Andrew & Leanna S/T, $518,600
101 Spring Run Dr, Miller Jacob P & Paul E S/T to Mccloud James D & Lori Michele S/T, $235,000
15518 15520 Salt Creek Rd, Hershberger Clara A to Miller Dwight I & Karen D S/T Fe & Clara A Hershberger Le, $300,000
1961 W Sterling Rd, Szekelyi Ryan & Erin A S/T to Koch Amy & Anthony P III S/T, $380,000
190 Burbank St, Hershberger Andrew L & Joanna to Shilling Sue E, $67,000
157 Pine St, Stoller Javan R & Josie M S/T to King Kerry Okay & Cynthia E Theobald S/T, $295,656
parcel 09-00808.000 Pine St, Stoller Javan R & Josie M S/T to King Kerry Okay & Cynthia E Theobald S/T, $295,656
15416 N Portage St, Oliverio Dominic E & Lauren Welsh S/T to Virgin Aubrey Lynn, $230,000
13069 Knicely Ln, Bennett Jeremiah G & Amanda Lynn S/T to Oliverio Dominic E & Lauren C S/T, $430,000
parcel 06-00080.000 E Marketplace St, Jones Terrance L to Oldaker Colton A, $150,000
22 E Marketplace St, Jones Terrance L to Oldaker Colton A, $150,000
34 Monique Cir, Boggs Jamie S to Rainy Canine Actual Property LLC, $132,341
West Salem
9216 Rainbow Hwy, Grey James Trustee to Coyne Eric, $30,000
parcel 22-00148.000 Rainbow Hwy, Grey James to Coyne Eric, $30,000
9841 Hiner, Iww Houses to Edgerton Jael M & Janice R Covell S/T, $178,000


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The Friend Who Sticks Closer than a Brother




The Friend Who Sticks Closer than a Brother

Embracing True Friendship: The Friend Who Sticks Closer Than a Brother

Friendship is a valuable asset that enriches our lives by providing companionship, support, and a shoulder to cry on. But have you ever had a buddy who goes above and beyond—someone who remains closer than a brother? In a world where relationships can be fickle, a friend who sticks by us through thick and thin is a rare and priceless gift.

More Than Just Blood Ties

Consider the tie between siblings, which is based on blood and shared history. Consider a buddy who is more than just a family member. “One who has untrustworthy friends soon comes to ruin,” says Proverbs 18:24 (NIV), “but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.”

This verse describes a friendship that goes beyond basic conditions. It’s a bond founded on trust, loyalty, and real concern for one another.

Continuous Support

Consider a buddy who is present not only during happy times but also during difficult times. This type of friend is unconcerned about changing circumstances or personal gain. They provide their presence, encouragement, and steadfast support.

Jesus expresses the core of such friendship in John 15:13 (NIV): “Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. This selfless affection serves as the foundation for a lasting connection.

Journeys Together

Consider a friend you’ve shared many stages of life with—the highs, the lows, and everything in between. This shared experience forges a link that extends beyond surface-level exchanges. The value of companionship is brilliantly captured in Ecclesiastes 4:9–10 (NIV): “Two are better than one because they have a good return for their labor. If either of them falls down, one can help the other up.”

A friend who sticks closer than a brother is someone who goes beside us through life’s ups and downs, lending a solid hand and an ear to listen.

A Mirror of God’s Love

As a symbol of God’s love for us, consider the buddy who sticks closer than a brother. God Himself offers an unbroken, unchanging, and everlasting companionship. “For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord,” says the Bible in Romans 8:38–39.

God’s love is the ultimate paradigm of true friendship—a love that is not conditional but remains faithful regardless of what happens.

Conclusion: Value true friendship.

A friend who sticks closer to you than a sibling is a treasure to be treasured. This type of friendship is founded on love, trust, and mutual care rather than convenience or shared interests. May we seek to be that sort of friend to others in our lives, just as God offers us His unfailing love.

In a world where relationships can be fleeting, let us create friendships that will endure. Let us be the sort of friends who are present in both joy and sadness, who offer unconditional support, and who mirror God’s unfailing love. We are reminded of the beauty of true friendship, which clings closer than a brother, as we welcome and cherish these unique and valuable ties.

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The Just God




The Just God

The Just God: The Divine Balance of Justice and Mercy

The concept of justice is intertwined with the fabric of human society. We seek justice, responsibility, and reparation for wrongs done. But have you ever pondered a God who is not only just but also perfectly just? The Just God is a lighthouse of truth and righteousness, providing a profound awareness of justice and kindness that transcends human comprehension.

Justice in Pursuit

Consider a world where wrongdoers go unpunished and the disadvantaged have no recourse. The pursuit of justice is a natural human goal that reflects a feeling of rightness and order. And if we as humans value justice, how much more should the Creator of the universe, who is completely just?

According to Deuteronomy 32:4 (NIV), “He is the rock; his works are perfect, and all his ways are just. He is a loyal God who does no wrong, who is straight and just. This verse reveals God’s character, which is characterized by unwavering justice.

Justice and Mercy in Balance

Consider yourself in front of a judge who holds you accountable for every action and decision you make. Imagine that same judge showing mercy and giving you a second opportunity despite the evidence against you. The just God is kind as well as just.

This delicate balance is captured in Psalm 103:10–11 (NIV): “He does not treat us as our sins deserve, nor does He repay us according to our iniquities. For his love for people who fear him is as high as the skies are above the earth. God’s justice is balanced by his unending love and kindness.

The Redemption of Justice

Consider a debt that you will never be able to repay—a debt of mistakes and wrongs that weigh heavy on your soul. In His perfect justice, the just God provides a solution. God provides a mechanism for justice to be served and redemption to be offered through the sacrifice of His Son, Jesus Christ.

“For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,” says Romans 3:23–24 (NIV), “and all are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus. This is an example of justice being met via the redemptive act of Christ’s sacrifice.

A Call to Justice

Consider a society in which justice is not simply a notion but a way of life. In our interactions with others, the just God calls us to exemplify justice. Micah 6:8 (NIV) states unequivocally, “He has shown you, O mortal, what is good. What does the Lord expect of you? Act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with your God.”

Living justly entails treating people with fairness, compassion, and respect, as the character of the just God requires.

Finishing: Adoring the Just God

The Just God asks us to comprehend the breadth of His justice—a justice that supports truth, requires accountability, and strikes a balance between mercy and justice. God’s justice and mercy merge in the person of Jesus Christ, offering us redemption and restoration.

May we turn to the just God as our ultimate standard as we traverse a world that frequently grapples with issues of fairness. May we seek His wisdom and counsel in order to live justly and treat others with love and justice. We find not only a paradigm of perfect justice but also an invitation to experience the transformative power of His kindness when we embrace the Just God.

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The Pleasure of Serving Others: A Pathway to Achievement




The Joy of Serving Others: A Pathway to Fulfillment

The Pleasure of Serving Others: A Highway to Contentment

Have you ever ever felt the nice and cozy glow that effects from lending a serving to hand to a stranger, the enjoyment that lasts for days after the act of kindness? That emotion offers a way of the pride of serving to others. The straightforward act of serving to can give us a sense of function and pleasure in contrast to the rest in a society that incessantly pushes us to place our consideration on ourselves.

The Want to Serve

Believe a society the place everybody labored to fortify the lives of people of their instant neighborhood. The need to lend a serving to hand, proportion a load, and supply comfort is on the core of carrier. The instance used to be established through Jesus Himself when he stated, “For even the Son of Guy didn’t come to be served, however to serve, and to provide his lifestyles as a ransom for plenty of.” (NIV, Mark 10:45)

Serving others is extra than just a nice deed; it is a way to emulate the compassion and love that Christ proven for us.

Discovering Pleasure in Selfless Giving

Believe spending time with the aged or going to a neighborhood refuge to hear their stories and cause them to really feel essential. Those tiny acts of kindness won’t appear to be a lot, however they be capable to make any person’s day higher, create relationships, and toughen a sense of group.

A better feeling of pleasure emerges after we set aside our personal issues and be aware of the wishes of others. The Bible admonishes us, “Every of you can use no matter present you’ve gotten won to serve others, as trustworthy stewards of God’s grace in its more than a few paperwork.” (NIV) 1 Peter 4:10 We specific the particular talents God has given us through serving others, and it’s in those deeds of carrier that we discover authentic pleasure.

Have an effect on Unmeasurable

Take into consideration the impact if all of us realized to experience serving to others. If we take a bit spoil from our tense schedules to lend a hand a neighbor, supply a sympathetic ear, or donate cash to a reason we reinforce. Small acts of kindness have the facility to unfold, sparking a sequence response of generosity and optimistic exchange.

In step with the NIV translation of Matthew 25:40, Jesus stated, “Actually I inform you, no matter you probably did for this sort of least of those brothers and sisters of mine, you probably did for me.” No longer simplest can we fortify the lives of other folks we serve, however we additionally perform Jesus’ command to like and deal with the ones round us.

Development Relationships and Connections

Believe the sensation of camaraderie that comes from cooperating with others to reach a shared purpose. Folks come in combination via carrier, growing ties and friendships that differently won’t have took place. It serves as a reminder that we’re all part of a broader group, and that group would possibly take pleasure in the acts we do.

Serving others permits us to peer the arena from many angles and to realize the demanding situations and victories of other folks round us. Our lives are enriched and {our relationships} are deepened through this sensitivity.

Conclusion: Discovering Contentment Via Carrier

Every people has a skill that is able to be opened: the pleasure of serving to others. It serves as a reminder that our lives are meant to be about extra than just our personal pursuits; they’re an opportunity to fortify the lives of others.

Let’s thus embody the pride of serving to others, if it is by means of deeds of kindness, volunteering, or simply being conscious about their wishes. The easy act of serving would possibly supply mild and hope in a global that every so often turns out overwhelming. As we emulate Christ and prolong ourselves in love, we no longer simplest exchange the lives of others but additionally revel in a deep feeling of success and enjoyment that overflows into our personal hearts.

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