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Opinion: The Unhealthy Criminal Buildings of Hillsong Church – The Roys File



Jesus as soon as instructed a parable about two other other folks establishing properties. One constructed on a basis of stone and the opposite on sand. When the rains got here the home constructed on sand collapsed. The basis was once crucial for a long-lasting house. Within the parable, the basis represented the phrases of Jesus and obeying them.
In a an identical method Hillsong Church was once built on a basis of sand.
Australian pastors Brian and Bobbie Houston based Hillsong in Australia and introduced a daring technique to plant church buildings the world over.
In 2010, the criminal constitution for Hillsong in the USA was once being built. Legal professional Stephen Lentz, father of Carl Lentz who would develop into Hillsong’s hottest American pastor, drew up the articles of incorporation for Hillsong Ministries USA, Inc. and used language not unusual to many televangelist church buildings’ governing paperwork. Stephen Lentz wrote in Article 6, “The Company shall don’t have any individuals.”
Those phrases began showing steadily in church company paperwork within the Nineteen Nineties. In 1994, earlier than Joel Osteen was pastor, Lakewood Church restated its articles of incorporation with the phrases “The company elects to don’t have any individuals.”
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The church buildings of televangelists Mike Murdock, Eddie Lengthy and Creflo Greenback additionally followed an identical language. Satirically, the bylaws of Grace Neighborhood Church, pastored by way of widely recognized Hillsong critic John MacArthur, use the very same phrases as Hillsong Ministries USA: “The Company shall don’t have any individuals.”
As any function onlooker can inform,@GraceComChurch and #Hillsong are extra alike than other.
— Lauren (@laurchastain22) April 1, 2022

This abnormal word prevents church attendees from being “company individuals”, which means that that church attendees don’t have any balloting rights within the church. As an alternative, key choice making is specific to the church board of administrators or church elders.
Additionally in 2010, Hillsong’s New York Town church was once established. Jeffery Coombs, an lawyer in Stephen Lentz’s regulation company, drew up the articles of group for Hillsong NYC, LLC. Hillsong started the usage of restricted legal responsibility firms (LLCs) to constitution their church buildings.
Hillsong NYC’s governing record mentioned, “The restricted legal responsibility corporate will probably be controlled by way of a number of managers …”
Must the language of commercial outline a church and the way it operates?
In his ebook The Industry of Church, Stephen Lentz defined the aim of church LLCs.
“As a result of we are living in a litigious society, you will need to isolate other projects that would possibly have top dangers. Its is before everything a containment technique. We suggest the usage of a single-member restricted legal responsibility corporate (LLC) to isolate other church projects which can be necessary to the footprint of the church in its group. Every job can also be vigorously pursued with out hanging all the belongings of the church in peril.”
Through following this technique, Hillsong created LLCs to serve as as assets preserving firms working independently of the church buildings. In Maricopa County, Arizona, house of Hillsong Phoenix and Hillsong College, PHX Belongings Holdings LLC owns 31 houses. Alternatively, a lot of these houses are smaller so much mixed to create huge church campuses. 
Stephen Lentz failed to acknowledge the deadly flaw of church LLCs. There’s little, if any, responsibility supplied for the managers.
A few of Hillsong’s American church buildings operated as conventional included non-profit organizations. In 2016, the tradename Hillsong Phoenix was once registered to Citichurch World, Inc.
Citichurch integrated Australian Hillsong leaders Nabi Saleh and George Aghajanian at the church board of administrators. How can board individuals residing 1000’s of miles away supply right kind oversight for a church?
In 2017, Hillsong Phoenix, LLC was once registered in Texas. Due to this fact, two other organizations present on the identical time, used the call “Hillsong Phoenix.” Trinity Basis describes this tradition as The Similar Title Sport.
If a take a look at was once written out to Hillsong Phoenix, would the cash move to Citichurch or the LLC registered in Texas?
New allegations of misconduct by way of Hillsong founder Brian Houston have shaken Hillsong Church.
Crucial media protection from the Discovery+ documentary sequence Hillsong: A Megachurch Uncovered have brought about Hillsong pastors to query their ties to the Hillsong emblem, leading to a number of saying they’re leaving to start out new church buildings. (Disclaimer: Trinity Basis investigator Barry Bowen, the writer of this newsletter, seems in episode 3 of the documentary.)

Has Hillsong Church’s former pastors realized from their errors?
In February 2022, Hillsong Kansas Town modified its call to Kingdom Town Church. The church has two officials (president and secretary) and 4 further board individuals. Most effective one of the most six church leaders is from Kansas Town. Once more, how can other folks showing to be scattered around the nation supply right kind oversight from a distance for a church?
Sam Collier resigned from his place as pastor of Hillsong Atlanta and has already filed articles of incorporation for Tale Church, Inc. The articles of incorporation states, “The company is not going to have individuals.” Severely?
Who will include the church board? No different names are indexed within the church’s articles of incorporation. Who will hang Collier responsible?
*This text has been up to date to explain that the various so much owned by way of PHX Belongings Holdings LLC are smaller so much mixed to make huge campuses.
This text was once firstly printed by way of Trinity Basis.
Barry Bowen is a group of workers member of Trinity Basis, a public nonprofit founded in Dallas, Texas that has been monitoring spiritual fraud and serving to sufferers for over 30 years. 
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In a contemporary sermon, standard televangelist and megachurch pastor Creflo Greenback renounced his decades-long educating on tithing—the apply of giving 10-percent of
Leaders on the Southern Baptist Conference’s Govt Committee launched a previously secret listing Thursday of sexual abusers, which have been stored by way of
Stovall Weems—the founding father of a Florida-based megachurch previously related with the Affiliation of Similar Church buildings (ARC)—dedicated fraud and “unjustly” enriched himself with
“Stephen Lentz failed to acknowledge the deadly flaw of church LLCs. There’s little, if any, responsibility supplied for the managers.”
It’s conceivable that, from Mr. Lentz’s viewpoint, this was once “now not a computer virus however a function.” An lawyer works for his consumer – the Houstons, I assume, in addition to his personal son – now not for the company’s hypothetical congregation.
I wonder whether the writer of this newsletter has studied church polity — if now not, he’d be stunned to discovery outdoor oversight is reasonably not unusual. All over historical past, there were many various ecclesial constructions. The concept that church buildings must be some type of democracy is an excessively publish enlightenment standpoint. After all, the query turns into who supplies oversight in a post-denominational age. There must be oversight, however that oversight does now not essentially wish to be vested within the native congregation. I’d argue energy must be divided with some energy vested outdoor to give protection to towards mini-fiefdoms. Vesting the ability on the native stage can continuously result in each and every bit as a lot abuse. Curiously, Ted Haggard evolved a hybrid style that labored reasonably smartly when he had his personal fall.
Fred, because the writer of this newsletter, I’ve tested the articles of incorporation for greater than 100 American megachurches, studied church polity and will listing the other types of church governance. Hillsong’s use of LLCs is unusual as a church criminal constitution. The Bible puts extra emphasis at the personality of church leaders than at the company constitution used. (Instance: They should now not be fanatics of cash. – 1 Timothy 3:3) Lengthy distance oversight doesn’t paintings smartly. How can a church board member residing loads of miles away supply right kind oversight once they don’t know many of the congregation? Through the way in which, it is not uncommon for elder run church buildings to steer clear of economic transparency. How can a church attendee know the church is paying over the top reimbursement if the church doesn’t reveal the pastor’s wage?
Howdy Barry, the a couple of LLCs appear abnormal — most often that’s used to safe haven legal responsibility or to cover one thing. However, normally, my level is that native keep an eye on isn’t awesome to outdoor keep an eye on. I feel church buildings want an out of doors frame (nearly HR in nature) to adjudicate claims towards leaders. Native energy is continuously clouded by way of being too as regards to the placement. Haggard’s style (that Hodges and far of ARC have followed) has 3 ranges of oversight. A trustee board (criminal/company), an elders board (for non secular care) and an out of doors board to adjudicate fees (and from time to time comp).
Truthfully I’ve observed the shared style paintings quiet smartly in post-denominational church buildings and be more healthy when leaders fall than say Willow Creek’s state of affairs. The style isn’t unsuitable, however doubtlessly the folks sitting at the outdoor board wish to be much less chummy with the chief. However, performing as though club is the solution to the issue is a false flag.
I may talk about this all day. 🙂 I care deeply about church criminal constructions so to give protection to other folks from pastors and pastors from the folks. I’ve observed democracy seriously abused by way of sturdy forces bent on preserving a pastor from making wanted reforms and firing abusive workers.
P.S. I pass over the Whittenburg door.
Recognize your answer. Thanks
Superb article. Hope this may drive church buildings to switch
Would like to know the way to test this for my native church buildings, perhaps come with a, “how do we discover this out” phase?
“Club” in an Elder-Rule church like GCC is a misnomer.
The best use of the phrase “club” describes a standing inside of a bunch that provides one the precise to obtain items and products and services from the gang or to workout affect within the team.
When one indicators a club contract in an Elder-Rule church one does now not obtain any tangible get advantages that one may now not obtain by way of merely attending.
So, why have a club covenant in an Elder-Rule church if club does now not supply tangible advantages a member wants?
It’s to get the member to conform to his personal subjugation. Club covenants in Elder-Rule church buildings emphasize submission to unaccountable management. While you signal, you give them the precise to workout energy over you.
Attention-grabbing feedback, Paul.
I feel the place of job elder is described in lots of puts within the Bible, reminiscent of 1st Peter 5:1-11. The church wasn’t to be put underneath the guideline of neophytes of the religion.
Time period limits for elders and pastors, particularly in mature church buildings, will have to be practiced! This may assist remedy one of the vital issues of entrenched management.
Jim, I’m occupied with time period limits. On one hand it could stay ministers from changing into too entrenched in a church; alternatively, it could stay ministers with personality and competency out of positions they will have to be in.
Something I’ve spotted in MacArthur affiliated church buildings (and also you’ll to find it in maximum if now not all evangelical church buildings) is a shockingly top view of pastors that continuously crosses into “vocational awe.” The elemental concept is of a unique particular person specifically known as by way of God. This makes it more uncomplicated for the congregation to forget about wholesome responsibility constructions for pastors.
I do assume a role as a pastor is essential as a result of a pastor will probably be requested to take care of very delicate problems and inclined other folks, however on account of this I feel pastors (and any form of counselor) will have to in reality have upper requirements and more difficult responsibility than those that don’t paintings with other folks on this method.
Paul, up to I dislike the usage of antidotal examples, however I a minimum of had an excellent instance of pastor didn’t have any drawback getting a brand new place. He spoke continuously in my house church. There’s an instance of compelled retirement within the Outdated Testomony clergymen–needed to retire at 50 years of age. (Numbers 8:25). I don’t assume the issue of pastors having to surrender early – for just right ones – however the issue for short of to die within the pulpit and now not being as mentally acute as they had been earlier than 70 years of age!
Phrases of carrier will have to be reviewed each and every 5 years (simply for example) for elders and pastors earlier than they’re given extensions to their phrases in the ones places of work. On Roy experiences I start to see many examples the place there will have to be a compulsory retirement age for pastors at 70 (!?)
All of the conservative pastors I’ve been uncovered to, didn’t graduate from Grasp’s seminary. They graduated from puts like Moody (as an apart I might suggest Moody’s Bible Observation and different works from Moody over the ones of John MacArthur’s!).
A beautiful instance in an episcopal church of which I used to be a member (natural, now not practical) was once the rector (‘senior pastor’) made up our minds that he would ‘step down’ because of his age. With the settlement of the bishop he did so, and the curate was once then appointed because the rector with the due technique of a ‘seek committee’ nominated by way of the meeting of that native church. The ex-rector has since thankfully ministered with a lighter load, for the previous decade, because the assistant to his ex-assistant.
One of the most unhappy tales from the ultimate month because the Eileen Grey tale broke, is that of GCC individuals who resigned memberships in the future prior to now, however the elders refused to liberate their club till they checked for self-discipline instances towards them. “Yeah we’ll liberate you when we make sure that we don’t wish to rate you with the rest first…”
This type of controlling conduct is very hectic and spiritually abusive. I’m a believer in church club however this 9-Marks taste heavy handedness wishes to finish straight away. It’s coercive, controlling, and simply simple cultish.
1 Timothy 5 V 19-21 reminds us that it’s the accountability of the Church frame to “Reprove” elders which can be erring. Matthew 18 v 15-17 presentations the church frame to be the upper authority in some church issues. The important thing function of a church chief is to serve. Too many, unfortunately, are self-serving and empire construction and feature develop into hooked on keep an eye on and self promotion. I’m talking from a UK standpoint. Fearless reporting of this tradition is just right. Thanks to our US Brothers and Sisters.
When Jesus mentioned, “My sheep listen My voice”, He didn’t imply for it to be complicated. If the sheep are being attentive to those other folks, they endure some culpability.
Superb article. Who’s over a church is such a very powerful attention, and one thing of a quandary for ” impartial” congregations. I’d like to learn a piece of writing at the different aspect of the equation. This is, how are the ones leaders -regardless of structure- decided on.
Whether or not an elder board or company board, composing a bunch of term-limited individuals of a congregation, (ot essentially church group of workers)nominated and voted upon by way of individuals and now not matter to pastoral veto assessment appear to be fundamental safeguards which can be missing in such a lot of congregations.
I latterly got here into touch with a congregation that simply voted to present their pastor ultimate approval of any board candidate, even earlier than an election.
”Give us a king just like the international locations” certainly.
Just right issues, Karl. Kingships certainly.
It appears, individuals, but even so going to a brand new church in fact that has larger economic duty then their church, are you able to see if their church will behave in accountable method reminiscent of declaring what their management will get in wage. I do know Methodist church buildings years in the past had no drawback In reporting what there ministers annual salaries had been. I assume individuals who aren’t going to surrender a church can do what the English parliament did with grasping kings–lower their economic give a boost to, if now not their attendance!
I without a doubt wouldn’t be stunned if the Roys File didn’t point out the next article at a while prior to now, if now not, this is the URL for it.
I to find causes within the article for now not purchasing any longer MacArthur’s writings.
Now not positive the biblical trend of the meeting is that of a trade or a gameshow – Hillsong is one of the that fall brief embracing this technique. And we surprise why we’re dropping the tradition when church control (now not management) facilitates entertained and comfy drones as a substitute of cultivating Christlike and critical disciples.
This text touches a very powerful level this is simply misplaced. Coverage of the fabric belongings of the church. However the protecting automobile (an organization of a few shape) will have to be simply the servant of the natural frame, now not its ‘supervisor’. In my present church we’re a part of an affiliation of church buildings; the affiliation organised a criminal agree with to possess all member church buildings’ houses, with the trustee to behave underneath the path of the governing frame (board of deacons) of the native church. The agree with association has not anything to do with the lifetime of the church. It simply holds the valuables. It really works smartly.
Jesus was once very transparent concerning the “constitution” of His ONE BODY, His ONE BRIDE, His ONE FAMILY.
Clearly NONE of those IDENTITY markers have any hierarchy of other folks (you’re all brothers), no pulpit and pew construction for weekly Bible lectures reserved fro one employed guy (Heb. 10:24-25), and no emblem call dividing it from 1000 different emblem names who can’t fellowship a lot in combination because of micro variations of critiques of guys.
The constitution was once being corrupted in Corinth, so Paul addressed it there and in EVERY epistle. However employed Bible professionals ALL get it unsuitable for the reason that paycheck, name, place of job of RESERVED ministries is ONLY present in INSTITUTION constructions that experience ruled for 2000 years. The Reformation didn’t blank up this HUGE pile of grime baked into church lifestyles. EVERY fellowship this is institutionalized in it’s serve as is similarly as grimy in accordance with God’s usual of obedience. I quoted and gave scripture. However ALL clergy, and laity who love this false department, have scripture to curve AND nullify those easy and transparent directions.
Through the grace of God, He can paintings DESPITE the grime, however He IS going to scrub it ALL up, both by way of serving to saints discover ways to obey the reality or by way of pruning some wealth out in their wallet so they may be able to’t have the funds for to pay for the corrupted stuff. 84% of giving on moderate is CONSUMED throughout the church door by way of “standard church budgeting” averages.
“Atmosphere Pastor Salaries and Pastor Repayment”
Tim, I will’t consider all of your concepts on church constitution, that claims a lot of examples of church constitution within the New Testomony. The above article, which is 14 years previous nonetheless has some just right concepts on pastors’ salaries. Very fascinating was once the ideas on Joel Osteen’s and Rick Warren’s salaries!
A workman is worthy of his rent, and this implies pastors will have to be given a residing salary, and a church does need to have some type of constitution, except you’re Hutterite consistent with the about article.
I consider pastors will have to have truthful wages without a doubt, however it’s a must to know what the ones wages are within the first position!
Thank you in your answer. All 4 passages clergy use to justify a pay take a look at are ALL twisted together with 1 Tim. 5:17-18 that you simply allude to. This passage says “those that exertions within the phrase and educating will have to be thought to be worthy of DOUBLE HONOR”, now not a pay take a look at. “Double honor” is actually double what ALL the remainder of the saints are to present to one another. Clergyism has three ways to show “double honor” into cash”. ALL of them are twisted exposition.
1. You employ one of the most two double metaphors to switch the literal that means. Metaphors don’t alternate the that means, they educate, the amplify at the literal that means. Each the ox and the wages metaphor educate it’s ESSENTIAL for “those that exertions within the phrase and educating” to obtain literal “double honor”.
2. This can be a quote from Jesus in Luke 10 and Matthew 10. BOTH puts Jesus specifies “FOOD” now not cash.
3. In Matthew 10:8b, Jesus gave the economics of creating disciples in 4 Greek phrases. “You gained with out paying , give with out pay.” ESV. No cash by way of the character of the gospel – a unfastened reward.
4. There’s NOTHING on this passage or ANY passage that “educating” is RESTRICTED to a 30-45 minute lecture and RESERVED for one guy with a Bible stage. Col. 3:16 and others display it’s the OPPOSITE of this manner particularly. Shared educating by way of many is God’s design, now not a focal point on one guy.
1 Tim. 5:17-18, 1 Cor. 9:4-15; Gal. 6:6, and Phil. 4:14-20 can be EXPOSED as natural Bible twisting, for 500 years, by way of ALL employed Bible professionals.
So Tim, what does 1 Timothy 5:18 imply since it’s within the context of one Timothy 5:17?
Referring to #4 – After all there’s not anything in Scripture indicating how lengthy a message and/or educating is to be. Context and tradition without a doubt play a component. But when there’s a wish to move 4 hours – that without a doubt isn’t prohibited.
Thank you for the “one any other” discussion.The 2 metaphors educate the SAME factor, even supposing one is ready an ox and the opposite about an worker. It’s ESSENTIAL not to muzzle an ox whilst treading AND it’s ESSENTIAL to pay workers who paintings for the businessman. In the similar method, it’s ESSENTIAL to present “double honor” to people who “exertions within the phrase and educating.”
Clergy don’t need “double honor” was grain, they twist to get a “salary” from ONE of the metaphors. Metaphors DO NOT COMPLETELY ALTER the literal that means of the remark they enlarge. However clergy need the paycheck so that they do it for 500 years and it sounds as if godly. Repeat a lie continuously and it is going to appear true. Believer’s flesh enjoys spectating a lecture and calling it educating even supposing NO ONE GRADUATES EVER. Luke 6:40 says actual educating graduates believers to be “absolutely skilled to be like the trainer. This is commencement. Instructing RESERVED for one guy is HOGGING that ministry. EVERY ministry is to be SHARED and REPRODUCED to others.
NOTHING within the Bible wishes 30-45 mins by way of ONE PERSON to learn, a lot much less 4 hours. Does it now not make sense for ALL the presents to SHARE in educating so there’s VARIETY and attractiveness IN the educating fairly than boredom when limited to at least one mind and one reward? You might have NEVER observed this VARIETY AND BEAUTY actually expression so that you assume it’s unimaginable. God designed VARIETY by way of all, now not EXPERTISE by way of one to be the POWER of fact expression.
Hello everybody, I’ve began studying one of the vital feedback, however now not they all but, so any person can have already responded my query.
I’ve began having a look at GCC’s bylaws. I’m within the matter as a result of we’re rewriting our church charter these days and I additionally educate Ecclesiology in a small bible School in Western Europe.
Can any person provide an explanation for to me how this works : on one web page it says there are not any individuals and the next web page talks about church individuals ???
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According to Deuteronomy 32:4 (NIV), “He is the rock; his works are perfect, and all his ways are just. He is a loyal God who does no wrong, who is straight and just. This verse reveals God’s character, which is characterized by unwavering justice.

Justice and Mercy in Balance

Consider yourself in front of a judge who holds you accountable for every action and decision you make. Imagine that same judge showing mercy and giving you a second opportunity despite the evidence against you. The just God is kind as well as just.

This delicate balance is captured in Psalm 103:10–11 (NIV): “He does not treat us as our sins deserve, nor does He repay us according to our iniquities. For his love for people who fear him is as high as the skies are above the earth. God’s justice is balanced by his unending love and kindness.

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May we turn to the just God as our ultimate standard as we traverse a world that frequently grapples with issues of fairness. May we seek His wisdom and counsel in order to live justly and treat others with love and justice. We find not only a paradigm of perfect justice but also an invitation to experience the transformative power of His kindness when we embrace the Just God.

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The Pleasure of Serving Others: A Highway to Contentment

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The Want to Serve

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Serving others is extra than just a nice deed; it is a way to emulate the compassion and love that Christ proven for us.

Discovering Pleasure in Selfless Giving

Believe spending time with the aged or going to a neighborhood refuge to hear their stories and cause them to really feel essential. Those tiny acts of kindness won’t appear to be a lot, however they be capable to make any person’s day higher, create relationships, and toughen a sense of group.

A better feeling of pleasure emerges after we set aside our personal issues and be aware of the wishes of others. The Bible admonishes us, “Every of you can use no matter present you’ve gotten won to serve others, as trustworthy stewards of God’s grace in its more than a few paperwork.” (NIV) 1 Peter 4:10 We specific the particular talents God has given us through serving others, and it’s in those deeds of carrier that we discover authentic pleasure.

Have an effect on Unmeasurable

Take into consideration the impact if all of us realized to experience serving to others. If we take a bit spoil from our tense schedules to lend a hand a neighbor, supply a sympathetic ear, or donate cash to a reason we reinforce. Small acts of kindness have the facility to unfold, sparking a sequence response of generosity and optimistic exchange.

In step with the NIV translation of Matthew 25:40, Jesus stated, “Actually I inform you, no matter you probably did for this sort of least of those brothers and sisters of mine, you probably did for me.” No longer simplest can we fortify the lives of other folks we serve, however we additionally perform Jesus’ command to like and deal with the ones round us.

Development Relationships and Connections

Believe the sensation of camaraderie that comes from cooperating with others to reach a shared purpose. Folks come in combination via carrier, growing ties and friendships that differently won’t have took place. It serves as a reminder that we’re all part of a broader group, and that group would possibly take pleasure in the acts we do.

Serving others permits us to peer the arena from many angles and to realize the demanding situations and victories of other folks round us. Our lives are enriched and {our relationships} are deepened through this sensitivity.

Conclusion: Discovering Contentment Via Carrier

Every people has a skill that is able to be opened: the pleasure of serving to others. It serves as a reminder that our lives are meant to be about extra than just our personal pursuits; they’re an opportunity to fortify the lives of others.

Let’s thus embody the pride of serving to others, if it is by means of deeds of kindness, volunteering, or simply being conscious about their wishes. The easy act of serving would possibly supply mild and hope in a global that every so often turns out overwhelming. As we emulate Christ and prolong ourselves in love, we no longer simplest exchange the lives of others but additionally revel in a deep feeling of success and enjoyment that overflows into our personal hearts.

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