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Quoting President Dallin H. Oaks, Pass judgement on Griffith says: ‘On contested problems, we search to average and to unify’
Former Pass judgement on Thomas B. Griffith joins the Church Information podcast Aug. 30, 2022.
On July 20, President Dallin H Oaks, first counselor within the First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, presented a keynote deal with on the 2022 Notre Dame Spiritual Liberty Summit — calling for an international effort to “protect and advance” spiritual freedom. President Oaks’ deal with adopted different ancient remarks on spiritual freedom and the United States Charter.
This episode of the Church Information podcast options Pass judgement on Thomas B. Griffith, a former federal pass judgement on of the USA Courtroom of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. As well as, Pass judgement on Griffith served as Senate felony suggest after which as basic suggest for Brigham Younger College.
A Latter-day Saint, he talks about spiritual liberty, the tough probabilities of the USA Charter and with courtesy enticing in an an increasing number of polarized political local weather.
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Pass judgement on Thomas B. Griffith:  I don’t consider that I’ve ever heard a extra articulate observation of what it way to protect and strengthen the Charter than the only President Oaks gave in that speak when he mentioned, “On contested problems, we search to average and to unify” and that’s one thing that Latter-day Saints must be in reality excellent at doing, proper? Our ward construction. We know the way to look someone who’s other than us and discover ways to paintings with them and get in conjunction with them. Now, are we able to take that talent that we’ve evolved in our wards in our stakes and are we able to take it out to our group? Are we able to be those in our group who’re brokers of reconciliation? I believe we’ve got, as Latter-day Saints, we’ve got a particular and distinctive position to play at this second.
Sarah Jane Weaver: I’m Sarah Jane Weaver, editor of the Church Information. Welcome to the Church Information podcast. We’re taking you on a adventure of connection as we talk about information and occasions of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Pass judgement on Thomas B. Griffith joins this episode of the Church Information podcast to speak about spiritual liberty, the USA Charter and attractive in an an increasing number of polarized political local weather. Pass judgement on Griffith is a former federal pass judgement on at the U.S. Courtroom of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit. Ahead of his appointment to the bench, he labored in non-public apply in North Carolina and Washington, D.C., served as Senate felony suggest after which as basic suggest for Brigham Younger College. A member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, he graduated from BYU in 1978 and earned a legislation level from the College of Virginia in 1985. Between his commencement from BYU and a learn about of the legislation, he labored within the Church instructional machine the place he directed Seminary and Institute methods in Baltimore, Maryland. Pass judgement on Griffith, we’re so thankful that you’d sign up for us lately.
Pass judgement on Thomas B. Griffith: Thanks, I’m glad to be right here.
Sarah Jane Weaver:  Neatly, you had been simply in Rome, the place President Dallin H. Oaks gave a ancient deal with on spiritual liberty. His deal with was once titled “Spiritual Liberty International.” So, I believe we will get started lately and discuss that subject. Why will have to the typical particular person care about spiritual liberty?
Pass judgement on Thomas B. Griffith: As it is going to the center of what it way to be a human being. To be a human being is to be a kid of God who’s unfastened to assume, to mention and to do as she or he believes, and non secular liberty preserves that for many who are other people of religion. So, it’s in reality a part of a bigger thought and that’s to give protection to freedom of judgment of right and wrong of people. Some other people’s judgment of right and wrong will lead them clear of religion. People’s judgment of right and wrong will make them religion, and we would like to give protection to that, as a result of following one’s judgment of right and wrong, having the liberty to observe judgment of right and wrong, will get the center and soul of what it way to be a human being, and with the viewpoint we’ve got of Latter-day Saints have and Christians have of the position of God and His dating to us, we all know that we’re created in His symbol and likeness. So, once we pursue our freedom of judgment of right and wrong, we’re merely exercising the liberty that He’s given us within the first position.
Sarah Jane Weaver: Neatly, we talked with President Oaks about this subject in Rome and some of the issues he mentioned that was once so fascinating to me is, if somebody desires to know why spiritual liberty is necessary, he mentioned, simply ask them to consider their lifestyles with out it. What would an international with out spiritual liberty appear to be?
Pass judgement on Thomas B. Griffith: It’d be a lovely dreary position, proper? I imply, you already know, only a transient overview of global historical past presentations that most of the people, in maximum puts, in maximum instances worship, and the wish to worship God is deeply ingrained in all folks. Now, once more, some other people make a choice to not, they usually’re unfastened to do this, however for most of the people on the earth, and maximum puts, maximum instances, faith has been an integral a part of what it way to be human, to have a way that you simply’re a part of a grand design, that reside in a universe that has goal and which means and created by way of a beneficent God. That’s the very stuff of human lifestyles. That’s what provides other people of religion, it provides them which means and goal to each and every task in their lifestyles. Take that clear of them – it’s like taking air clear of somebody and no longer permitting them to breathe. For other people of religion, the workout in their religion, their freedom to worship, is as necessary to who they’re as a person, as respiring is to the frame of all folks.
Sarah Jane Weaver: Neatly, and we’re having this dialog at a time when society is so polarized, particularly in the USA. I believe all of us have such a lot of political beliefs. There’s such a lot of puts to percentage the ones evaluations. How do our evaluations and getting alongside intersect once we take into consideration the best to percentage the emotions of our center, with regards to our faith, or even with regards to our rights and skills to champion any political purpose that we wish to?
Pass judgement on Thomas B. Griffith: Neatly, let’s get started with it. It’s a excellent factor that we argue. It’s a excellent factor that we have got perspectives. What was once in reality distinctive in regards to the introduction of the USA of The united states was once that the founders of our Charter determined that they sought after to have a special form of govt and it was once going to be a central authority according to what “We the folk” determined thru their elected representatives. Now, their view of “We the folk” was once a lot more slim than our view is lately and we’ve gotten higher at that, that “We the folk” way extra lately than it did to them, however the elementary thought is that “We the folk” would make a decision the principles through which society can be ruled, no longer a Church chief, no longer 52 sensible other people, no longer a king, no longer a monarch. It was once going to be “We the folk” that made that selections and so, when the framers created a machine of presidency according to “We the folk” they invited, they if truth be told required, “We the folk,” to be told, proper? “We the folk” that experience concepts, “We the folk” to speak about the rules that will create the most productive society. So, that’s all excellent and it’s all excellent that we have got a central authority through which we’re inspired to assume, to review and to discuss.
Right here’s the issue, if other people lose sight of the grand challenge of the Charter, which isn’t simply to create a rustic the place we’ve got the liberty to discuss, nevertheless it’s additionally to create, be mindful the phrases of the Charter, the preamble, “a extra easiest union.” We’re right here to create group. We’re right here to create a union and that implies that you wish to have to compromise. That suggests, when you were given a rustic as huge as ours with as many viewpoints as exist, if you wish to create a union, some other people don’t anymore, however if you wish to create a union, that suggests you wish to have not to best expand the talents of argument, you wish to have to expand the talents of listening, since the thought is you may be told one thing out of your fellow citizen and the idea of our machine of presidency is that thru arguing with one some other, that each and every folks, you and I, if we’re arguing over a subject, Sarah, that each and every folks, if we pay attention to one another, we might be told issues that can get us in a greater position. The conflict of concepts, and out of that can emerge higher concepts, however that doesn’t occur, until I’m prepared to be informed from you and also you’re prepared to be informed from me, and so, the Charter calls for a citizenry this is prepared to compromise and the one method, so far as I will be able to inform, that you’ll be prepared to compromise is in the event you expand some humility, by yourself section, and a few appreciate for the ones with whom you disagree.
I’m a large fan of Abraham Lincoln, I imply, who isn’t, however I be mindful the instant in his first inaugural deal with, whilst the union is falling aside, states are seceding, the best constitutional disaster our nation has ever confronted and he, in his inaugural deal with, makes the purpose that we aren’t enemies, however pals. “We should no longer be enemies.” Now, Lincoln pled for the rustic not to be enemies with one some other. That plea went unheeded, proper, and the Union fell aside and we’re nonetheless dwelling with the results of that, however Lincoln was once proper. “We should no longer be enemies. We should be pals.” He known as upon the bonds of love. He says, we’ve got “bonds of love,” one for some other, and we wish to name upon the ones “bonds of love” to create the cohesion that the Charter seeks and so, we wish to vigorously disagree with one some other, however we wish to achieve this in some way that assists in keeping in thoughts that we’re no longer enemies. We’re fellow electorate and we’re looking to create a extra easiest union. That suggests I’m going to compromise that suggests you’re going to compromise. That’s probably the most elementary theory of the Charter. The Charter created a machine of presidency that compels compromise. It calls for compromise. It’s the elemental ethos. Simply so as to add slightly bit summary or educational right here, however it’s the elementary feature that’s required of a citizen in a republic, is you wish to have to be prepared to pay attention in your fellow electorate and you wish to have to be prepared to compromise.
Former Pass judgement on Thomas B. Griffith on the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C., Tuesday, March 8, 2022.
Cheryl Diaz Meyer, for the Deseret Information
Sarah Jane Weaver: Neatly, and this cohesion and appreciate that you simply’re talking of has been championed on the very best ranges of Church management. In April of 2021, President Oaks requested all folks to protect, and he known as it the “divinely impressed Charter,” and in that speak, he additionally requested us to be unified.
Pass judgement on Thomas B. Griffith: Yeah, I’ve informed many of us, this. As scholar of the Charter, as a federal pass judgement on, I took an oath to strengthen and protect the Charter. I don’t consider that I’ve ever heard a extra articulate observation of what it way to protect and strengthen the Charter than the only President Oaks gave in that speak when he mentioned, “On contested problems, we [should] search to average and to unify.” If you need a template to measure your strengthen for the Charter, whether or not you might be supporting and protecting the Charter, there it’s. We wish to ask ourselves, “Does that describe me?”
On contested problems am I in the hunt for to average and to unify? And if I’m no longer, I’m undermining the Charter. I might assume I’m protecting the Charter. I’ve were given my 2nd Modification right here. I’ve were given my First Modification right here. I’ve were given my 14th Modification right here and the ones are all essential portions of the Charter – freedom of faith, freedom of speech, the best to undergo palms, equivalent coverage of legislation.
Those are bedrock, the elemental rules that wish to be secure and defended, however in some ways, they’re the bushes and the wooded area of the Charter is what President Oaks recognized. The Charter creates a machine of presidency that can best prevail when other people, when electorate, on contested problems, search to average and to unify. That’s the massive image and that’s one thing that Latter-day Saints must be in reality excellent at doing, proper?
I imply, take into consideration our ward construction, proper? Eugene England, a BYU English professor, used to make this level so much the place he mentioned, “You recognize, there’s one thing in reality distinctive a couple of Latter-day Saint ward. There are two options particularly that once blended, after they paintings in tandem, create one thing in reality peculiar.” And right here they’re. The primary one is, we don’t get to make a decision the place we pass to church, proper? You reside on this a part of the town, you pass to that Ward and that might not be a phrase that you simply’d like. The folks there could have other political opinions than you. They are going to have other tastes and tune. They only might see the arena very in a different way, however wager what, you’re going to visit church with them and no longer best you’re going to sit down within the pew with them, you’re more than likely going to serve with them the Number one or the, the Mutual or on the different organizations, and so, you’re going to church with them, you’re running with them they usually’re no longer those who you will have selected to ever ask out to lunch prior to you got to work with them, however right here’s the miracle, as you’re employed with them on the Number one, the Mutual, anywhere you’re running with them, you find through the years, that the Lord loves them each and every bit up to he loves you and that’s the start of knowledge.
Now we do this in reality smartly, I believe, each and every Sunday, and all through the week, so we know the way to try this. We know the way to look someone who’s other than us and discover ways to paintings with them, and get in conjunction with them. Now, are we able to take that talent that we’ve evolved in our wards in our stakes and are we able to take it out to our group? Are we able to be those in our group who’re brokers of reconciliation? Are we able to be the “developers of bridges” in President Nelson’s terminology and tear down partitions of separation? Can that be us? I believe that’s, I don’t imply to talk for President Oaks presently, however I believe that’s precisely what he was once pronouncing. I believe we’ve got, as Latter-day Saints, we’ve got a particular and distinctive position to play at this second.
We’ve lengthy had a way that we have got a distinct stewardship with appreciate to the Charter and so we educate the significance of the Charter and we learn about the Charter and that’s excellent. That’s all excellent, however I believe the very best and easiest method of supporting and protecting the Charter is going way past finding out its person provisions and finding out its historical past. It is going to what President Oaks was once pronouncing on contested problems we search to average and to unify. That’s the dwelling spirit of the Charter and if it’ll live on, and I am hoping and pray that it is going to, it’s going thru a difficult, tricky time presently, as a result of the polarization, but when it’ll live on, I consider it is going to live on, as a result of other people make a decision that they will paintings for reconciliation. Other people make a decision, to make use of President Oaks’ phrases, that, “on contested problems, [they’re going to] search to average and to unify.” I’d love to assume that that’s one thing that we will give to our nation right now, that we, as a other people, don’t fall into the traps that you simply get at the media and that, frankly, you get from the political events of being divisive, however as an alternative that we’d be brokers of reconciliation to make use of the talents that we’ve evolved in our church lives and convey them into the lives of our communities and the lifetime of our country.
Former Pass judgement on Thomas B. Griffith on the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C., Tuesday, March 8, 2022.
Cheryl Diaz Meyer, for the Deseret Information
Sarah Jane Weaver: Neatly, I’m so happy that you simply discussed President Russell M. Nelson and his invitation for all folks to be bridge-builders. I’ve noticed him pull other people in. I’ve noticed him paintings with other people of all other sorts of walks of lifestyles. It’s superb to me that somebody of his caliber can meet with the president of a country after which only some hours later succeed in out to a kid and he grabs mates, and he hyperlinks palms with them, and he pulls them on the subject of him and so, how can we style that? I really like the analogy of the ward. I really like the concept that as we serve with other people, we if truth be told, in the future, start to love them.
Pass judgement on Thomas B. Griffith: Neatly, and I believe that’s how we do it, and we do it, and this must happen at an area stage, proper? It must happen, clearly, in our houses, in our wards, however then in our cities and in our counties. Initially, we wish to see ourselves as, “My calling, my accountability, my responsibility, with appreciate to the Charter, is to transform an agent of reconciliation. Now, how do I do this?” Neatly, there are lots examples across the nation of other people doing that.
Let me let you know only one that occurs to be from my neck of the woods within the Washington, D.C. house. I reside in a spot known as Loudoun County, Virginia. It’s an excerpt about an hour clear of D.C. For many who observe this stuff, they will acknowledge the identify of Loudoun County, Virginia. It’s been floor 0 within the tradition wars over public faculties and what takes position in public faculties, and it’s been a combat that has divided our another way shut knit group and there were faculty board conferences that experience other people yelling and screaming, police introduced in, simply in reality unpleasant type of stuff. And but, in the course of this, there are two participants of the Church and that house who determined, “We will be able to do that a greater method.” And so they labored actual laborious to carry in combination more than a few competing factions to determine believe between them in small staff dynamics. They were given everybody in combination in the similar room, were given to grasp each and every different’s names, beginning dates, who their grandchildren had been, simply were given to grasp each and every different as human beings first. Then from there, as soon as that believe was once constructed among other people on competing factions, had severe discussions about, “What are we able to agree upon? Are there issues that we will agree upon? All of us care about our kids. Are there issues that we will agree upon?” And so they did. They got here up with, I believe they’d a listing of 10 contentious problems, they usually had been in a position to come back to settlement on 8 of them. It was once in reality a outstanding revel in. It’s if truth be told gotten a good quantity of consideration in recent times, nevertheless it got here, as a result of, on this example, a few Latter-day Saints, who appeared on the department that was once going down of their group and their key purpose was once to conquer that department on extremely contentious problems. And so they’re no longer completed but, nevertheless it’s a lovely inspiring instance, I believe, to all folks. And those weren’t other people with particular abilities and politics. Those had been simply bizarre, excellent individuals who had been apprehensive in regards to the polarization that was once happening of their group and determined that possibly they’d some revel in and ability that might assist other people to get alongside.
Crucial part on this, and numerous social scientists have written about this in recent times, is that this phenomenon that during our day and age, politics and political allegiance appears to be changing spiritual allegiance amongst such a lot of other people. In different phrases, other people’s politics have transform much more necessary than their religion commitments. In my thoughts, that’s in reality horrifying. That’s bad. I believe we must have a humility about our political opinions that wouldn’t permit that type of substitute of 1’s spiritual religion with one’s political allegiances. It’s a excellent litmus take a look at for each and every one among us. We’re American citizens. We care about politics. That’s a excellent factor. That’s a excellent factor, however has our dedication to politics, has it changed our dedication to our religion? Is our dedication to our political opinions and our presence on social media or anywhere, is it inflicting department in our ward? Is it inflicting problem in our houses? And whether it is, that’s a serious warning call.
You recognize, some of the scriptures that once I used to be a missionary a few years in the past, some of the scriptures that we’d regularly use to percentage with other people, recovery insights into the character of the connection between Heavenly Father and the Savior was once in John bankruptcy 17. It’s the Savior’s prayer after the closing supper the place He prays that his disciples can be unified and He compares the cohesion, He seeks amongst them with the cohesion that He and His Father have. And we at all times level that out to look “Oh, see, they’re no longer the similar particular person, however they’re unified, proper?” And in order that’s how we most often use the Scripture and that’s excellent. However we could also be lacking one thing much more elementary about this scripture, as a result of in John bankruptcy 17, I believe it’s verses 21 and 22 the Savior says why He prays for the cohesion of His believers, of His disciples, and right here’s why – so “that the arena might know that thou, [Father,] hast despatched me.” Wait, what? What did He simply say? He simply mentioned that the cohesion of the Church is the principle witness we provide the arena of the divinity of Christ. If that’s the case and I’m being divisive in my ward, if I’m a supply of department in my ward over politics, but the politics aren’t that necessary. I’m a political junkie. I’ve been within the political global, my lifestyles, yeah, yeah, they’re necessary, however they’re no longer that necessary, as a result of my number one allegiance is to assist construct Zion, proper? That’s primary and if my political opinions are going in the best way of that, that’s a large purple flag. That’s a time for me to reevaluate and to drag again. That’s a time for me to reevaluate and to drag again.
Sarah Jane Weaver: And along with political agendas which are unquestionably amplified, as we’ve been speaking about, by way of other people whose motives possibly aren’t at all times natural, this has been a troublesome a number of years that we’ve all passed through. Many people were remoted by way of a virulent disease. We’ve noticed an international that handled racial tensions and financial stresses and unquestionably LGBTQ problems have risen to the vanguard in tactics they have got no longer in earlier a long time and so, how can we put this all in context?
Pass judgement on Thomas B. Griffith: Yeah. Is it too easy to mention, let’s return to Number one and what’s the primary music we educate our kids in Number one? “I’m a kid of God.” Possibly that’s so acquainted to us that we lose sight of the have an effect on of it, nevertheless it in reality, if we acted that method, if we noticed that someone who has a special view about marginal tax charges or select regardless of the factor is, is if truth be told a kid of God, we might do two issues – we might pay attention to them extra, with extra appreciate, and we’d talk to them with extra appreciate. So, one among my favourite writers is C.S. Lewis, and in his largest sermon, known as “The Weight of Glory,” he says this, he says, “Subsequent to the blessed sacrament itself, your neighbor is the holiest object offered in your senses.” Now, I want to declare that I reside my lifestyles that method, that each and every particular person I see I recall to mind in that method. I’m attempting, however I believe that’s the purpose. I believe that as a Christian, if as a Latter-day Saint, I took the teachings that we educate our Number one kids and I blended it with this nice perception from C.S. Lewis, I wouldn’t be writing snarky issues about other people. I wouldn’t be writing disrespectful issues about political figures, whether or not it’s President Biden or President Trump. I simply wouldn’t do this. I wouldn’t be maligning the nature of other people with whom I disagree, as a result of I’d see them in a different way. So, as a result of I’m in public lifestyles, I’m regularly the recipient of fan mail. I’m pronouncing that as a shaggy dog story, and I were given some fresh fan mail.
Sarah Jane Weaver: All of us get slightly fan mail.
Pass judgement on Thomas B. Griffith: Yeah, all of us get slightly fan mail, and I check out to answer them. I say, “Glance, thanks such a lot for achieving out to me. Isn’t it nice that we are living in a rustic, clearly, you and I disagree about this, however isn’t it nice that we are living in a rustic the place we will disagree?” However then I upload a word, I say, “You recognize, your tone is slightly offensive. You in reality don’t know me. I don’t consider we all know each and every different. And also you’ve accused me of being corrupt and,” you already know, fill in, fill within the clean. “You don’t in reality know me smartly sufficient to make that judgment and that doesn’t make me wish to pay attention to what you must say. So, are we able to elevate in this dialogue, however let’s elevate on with the idea that I’m appearing in excellent religion. I believe I’m and I’ll elevate on with the idea that you simply’re appearing in excellent religion, as a result of I am hoping that you’re.”
And you already know, what, on events, no longer too many, however on events, I’ve gotten responses to that they usually’ve been very sure. I had one, I believe it was once once I, Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson did me the distinction of asking me if I’d introduce her to the Senate Judiciary Committee all over her affirmation hearings, after President Biden had nominated her to be at the Excellent Courtroom, and I used to be glad. I used to be venerated that she invited me and I used to be glad to simply accept. It was once newsworthy amongst some, as a result of I’m a political conservative. I used to be appointed to the D.C. Circuit by way of President George Bush, a Republican, and so some other people concept it bizarre that I’d do this. There was once a time when there can be not anything bizarre about what I had completed, however I assume in lately’s day, this is a little bizarre and I were given a good quantity of consideration and so, due to this fact, I were given a good quantity of fan mail. And one among them was once from a member of the Church who simply ripped into me and accused me of being corrupt and faithless. I imply, it was once in reality, in reality harsh, in reality, in reality harsh. I didn’t know this particular person, however I wrote again alongside the traces of, you already know, “Happy we will disagree, however boy, do you in reality need to, do you in reality have to mention I’m corrupt right here? Can’t we’ve got a dialogue?” And to his credit score, he wrote again, he mentioned, “You’re proper. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have completed that.” He mentioned, “however right here’s why I believe Justice Jackson would no longer be a excellent are compatible for the Excellent Courtroom,” after which we had a dialogue alongside the ones traces about why I assumed that she can be wonderful and so my level is, that the ones types of discussions wish to be heard. Those are giant problems, let’s have discussions about them, however the ones discussions shall be a lot more fruitful, if we simply remember the fact that’s a kid of God we’re speaking to and if C.S. Lewis is correct, that’s the holiest object offered to our senses, instead of the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper. So, how do you do this? I’m afraid that’s the solution to the way you do it. I’m afraid it takes position on a person stage, person transformation and simply being great. Let me upload yet one more tale to that. So, within the wake of President Oaks’ Normal Convention deal with that you simply discussed about “The Divinely Impressed Charter,” I witnessed a Sunday Faculty lesson in my ward, it was once completed by way of Zoom, then, a Sunday Faculty lesson in my ward that I assumed was once in particular efficient. No less than in my global, after President Oaks gave that speak, I spotted many of us had been assuming that he was once addressing other people instead of them.
Sarah Jane Weaver: The other finish of the spectrum.
Pass judgement on Thomas B. Griffith: Precisely, other people at the left had been pronouncing to other people at the proper, “Howdy, he’s speaking to you. Are you listening? Why don’t you convert?” And other people at the proper had been pronouncing to their pals at the left, “Howdy, he’s speaking to you.” And that was once lovely not unusual on the earth through which I inhabit, however this trainer did one thing sudden and other. The project was once to speak about his communicate, “The Divinely Impressed Charter,” and the instructor started the lesson by way of pronouncing, “I’d like our dialogue to be about what are the issues that you simply’re going to switch about your strategy to those problems according to his communicate?” and it was once a beautiful dialogue. The first actual particular person raised his hand and mentioned, you already know, mentioned, “I’m in reality politics and I weblog so much and once I heard President Oaks say what he mentioned, I noticed that numerous my running a blog was once indignant and mean-spirited and damaging.” So he mentioned, “I’m going to switch my tone. In reality, I’m going to succeed in out to quite a lot of other people to whom I had written about who should were angry by way of what I mentioned and I’m going to say sorry to them,” and I assumed, “Woah, there you pass.” And the remainder of the dialogue adopted alongside the ones traces. I believe that’s what President Oaks was once asking us to do – glance inward, glance inward. “Am I an agent of reconciliation?” I believe that’s what a Christian is meant to be, no longer an agent of department.
Former Pass judgement on Thomas B. Griffith on the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C., Tuesday, March 8, 2022.
Cheryl Diaz Meyer, for the Deseret Information
Sarah Jane Weaver: And I in reality cherished that there’s a section on this communicate the place he talks about how we will have to believe within the Lord and since we believe within the Lord, we will be sure in regards to the country’s long run. Now, that was once fascinating to me. I had no longer pondered that prior to, however are you sure in regards to the country’s long run?
Pass judgement on Thomas B. Griffith: So, I’m happy you discussed that, as a result of I’ve in reality struggled with that a part of his communicate and I’ve needed to remind myself, repeatedly, “Tom, President Oaks says be sure. Be sure,” as a result of I haven’t been sure and I’ll let you know why, however I’ll let you know that I wish to repent of this, proper? Now, I’m deeply involved in regards to the state of the Republic presently. I in reality am. Glance, it’s no longer 1859. It’s no longer 1860, OK? However I’ve been following politics intently all my lifestyles. I’m 68 years previous. I grew up in Washington, D.C. I listened to C-SPAN radio, you already know, I’m a political junkie, proper? So, I’ve adopted these things for a very long time and, a minimum of in my lifestyles, I’ve by no means noticed anything else as poisonous, or as divisive or as discouraging as we’re experiencing presently for quite a lot of causes. The polarization that you simply’ve mentioned, that we’re all acquainted with, is only a most cancers at the frame politic. Except we deal with that and get it again, it is going to break the Charter.
The opposite factor that provides me an excessive amount of fear, I’m going to come back again to sure, k? I’m going to head thru that what worries me then I’m going to let you know why, how I’m looking to observe President Oaks’ council in this, however the largest supply of outrage I’ve presently is the loss of believe in our elementary establishments that turns out so not unusual. Jonathan Haidt, the social psychologist from New York College, who wrote, he’s more than likely completed extra research about this tribalism than any one, wrote a marvelous e book known as “The Righteous Thoughts” speaking about why other people disagree with one some other and spoiler alert, it’s no longer as a result of they’re evil. Excellent disagreements come, truthfully. Anyway, Jonathan Haidt mentioned not too long ago, in having a look on the American political panorama lately, he mentioned, “I consider that during the following few years, we will be able to endure a catastrophic failure of American democracy.” Why? He mentioned, as a result of we simply don’t know what occurs to a democracy while you drain all believe from the machine.
Neatly, I believe we do know what occurs to democracy while you drain all trusts from a machine. You might have people who find themselves so incensed that they pursue violence, proper, as a result of they’re indignant, they usually’re disenchanted, they usually’re scared, as a result of one thing they love is being taken clear of them, as a result of they suspect the establishment is corrupted. I’m in reality taken with what number of people consider that our election machine is corrupt.
For the closing 12 months and a part or so I led an effort that was once constituted of two different former federal judges, some election legislation mavens, two former United State senators, and others, the place we took a deep dive into the election ends up in each and every of the contested states, we name them the states the place other people have claimed that there was once fraud that affected the end result of the election, and we went into this challenge, pronouncing, if there’s fraud there, we wish to to find it out. We wish to uncover this, as a result of this may be an terrible state of affairs for our nation to be in. So, we went in, we spent a 12 months and a part, we studied all of the proof, we talked to all of the mavens and we got here up with the end result. There’s simply no longer proof of common fraud to impact the end result of the election.
Sarah Jane Weaver: Neatly, in that analysis, that finding out for your self, it’s core to what it way not to best be a Latter-day Saint, we’re all requested to analyze and uncover and acquire our personal testimonies or our personal witness of fact, anywhere it’s. As we shut, I wish to shift slightly and communicate slightly bit about one thing Elder Quentin L. Cook dinner has mentioned not too long ago, as a result of he says on this global the place we’re looking to paintings thru a few of these issues and protect the Charter and strengthen spiritual liberty, one position we will flip is by way of running with different individuals who really feel responsible to God. So, this can be a cohesion throughout the Church, however with all others who in any respect really feel an responsibility to a better being than anything else on this planet, any political celebration, any group.
Pass judgement on Thomas B. Griffith: I believe there’s a hope that individuals of religion are, that do have allegiance to one thing upper than celebration or a person chief that they have got religion in and allegiance to a loving God, proper, and I believe that’s one thing we percentage with numerous other folks and I’ve noticed that paintings with other people. I used to be there on the Rome summit and it was once only a glorious revel in to look Catholics, Latter-day Saints, Orthodox Christians, Coptic Christians, Muslims, Local American indigenous other people of religion, very other perspectives about elementary problems referring to faith, however all united in the concept that spiritual worship, spiritual expression, unfastened workout of faith is the charter calls it is only central to what our nation is set and what it way to be a human being. And so, I believe the ones efforts are important they usually’re going down, which is in reality excellent information.
Sarah Jane Weaver: And we’ve got written so much about a gaggle known as CORL in New York Town, the fee of spiritual leaders that if truth be told have completed precisely what we’ve been speaking about lately. They’ve connected palms and mentioned, “How are we able to strengthen and toughen society? How are we able to weigh in when it issues? And the way are we able to maintain and give protection to religion and the best to apply religion or the best to apply no religion in any respect?”
Pass judgement on Thomas B. Griffith: You recognize, I’m happy you discussed that closing one, as a result of that’s a constant theme I’ve heard from President Oaks and Elder Cook dinner and others that every now and then, every now and then that surprises them, proper? However for my commentary, spiritual liberty isn’t going to be preserved thru litigation. That’s necessary. Know, when your rights are bridged, we’ve got the courts to hotel to. At the moment in the USA, we’ve got a Excellent Courtroom that has proven itself very solicitous of the claims of other people of religion, proper? Even having mentioned that, I don’t assume we’re going to maintain spiritual liberty, in the long run, during the courts. I believe we’re going to maintain spiritual liberty, when other people of religion will display that they’re beneficiant and sort and supportive of others, together with those that don’t have any religion in any respect.
Years in the past, I noticed a caricature that I assumed summarized it easiest. This caricature had St. Peter status in entrance of the pearly gates and I lately deceased particular person was once there speaking to St. Peter and clearly soliciting for admission, proper? And St. Peter seems to be at him and says, “Yeah, it’s true, you’re a believer, however did you must be one of these jerk about it?” And I assumed, “There’s some fact there.” Other people of religion, I believe, we’ve got a duty, a commandment to like others, proper? However to turn others that we adore them, and that we’re enthusiastic about them and their freedom of judgment of right and wrong up to we’re ours, that we’re each and every bit is angry by way of an atheist who’s being remoted or abused or denied employment, as a result of they’re an atheist, we’re each and every bit as angry as that, as we’re by way of a Latter-day Saint being discriminated in opposition to the either one of the ones offenders, as a result of either one of the ones violate our figuring out of the significance of human freedom and human autonomy. Now, on that rating, you already know, other people of religion are the objectives of a whole lot of grievance. I’m afraid to confess a few of it justified that we have got no longer been as taken with the ones outdoor the family of religion as we’re the ones inside of the home of religion. In different phrases, the tribalism that we so decry, in our politics have entered into our strategy to freedom of faith, that we wish to display that we have got their easiest pastime in thoughts, that we in reality need them to really feel secure, to really feel protected and to really feel that they reside in a land of equivalent alternative. Once we do this, I believe we’ll pass a protracted technique to maintaining our spiritual freedom.
Sarah Jane Weaver: And that brings us precisely complete circle, proper to the place we began with President Oaks in Rome as he addressed spiritual liberty international and made a choice for all folks not to simply give protection to the rights of 1 section or some other, however to construct a society the place all of us have rights, the place all of us can pursue the dictates of our judgment of right and wrong. Now, we’ve got a practice on the Church Information podcast. We at all times finish with the similar query and we at all times give our visitors the final word. So, I’m going to show the microphone over to you and permit you to solution the query, “What have you learnt now?” And so, Pass judgement on Griffith, what have you learnt now after an excessively prestigious profession within the legislation and learn about of the Charter and considering the whole thing going down in our govt right now and we’d like to know the way that intersects along with your ideals as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and a disciple of the Savior.
Pass judgement on Thomas B. Griffith: What I do know now could be that this American experiment, and it nonetheless is an experiment, it’s ongoing, is excellent. It’s no longer easiest. It’s no longer easiest in any respect, nevertheless it’s excellent. And it might probably, when it’s doing its easiest, it might probably create a society through which human beings can flourish, and they are able to have an ample lifestyles each emotionally, and spiritually or even economically. How does that intersect with my religion as a Latter-day Saint? I consider that there’s a God who presides over this universe. I consider that Christ is energetic within the affairs of the arena, lately and that we’re known as to be His arms on the earth, lately, that we’re known as to do our easiest to create a simply and a good society proper right here, presently. Everyone knows the Lord’s Prayer and we recite it, every now and then in no time, however a key a part of that prayer is that the Father’s shall be completed on Earth as it’s in heaven.
The Anglican cleric and student N.T. Wright who issues out that, that suggests we’re intended to be running to create on Earth, presently, a spot that can reflect heaven and he writes in Anglican, so he wouldn’t have the phrase that we use for it, however the phrase we use for it is known as Zion. That, sure, the lifestyles to come back hereafter’s necessary. I really like the Plan of Salvation. I really like the promise of what lifestyles shall be like, however lifestyles proper right here and now could be necessary, too. And Christ and His gospel, exchange the best way we do issues, proper right here and presently. So, I believe as Christians, as Latter-day Saint Christians, I believe we’ve got a beautiful calling, to paintings as easiest we will, proper right here, presently, to create a good society, to create a simply society and to create a society the place those that are at the margins have a chance to flourish. It’s Mitch Daniels, the Chancellor of Purdue College and previous governor of Indiana, longtime conservative put it easiest, he mentioned, “In all issues, our first concept is at all times for the ones at the first rung of lifestyles’s ladder and the way we would possibly assist them climb.” That’s what we’re known as to do, and the American experiment supplies the most productive alternative to do this on the earth lately. And in order that’s what I do know, that’s what I’ve discovered and that’s what excites me about looking to do our easiest to carry that again.
Sarah Jane Weaver: You might have been being attentive to the Church Information podcast. I’m your host, Church Information editor Sarah Jane Weaver. I am hoping you have got discovered one thing lately about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints by way of peering with me during the Church Information window. Please be mindful to subscribe to this podcast and in the event you loved the messages we shared lately, please you’ll want to percentage the podcast with others. Due to our visitors, to my manufacturer KellieAnn Halvorsen and others who make this podcast conceivable. Sign up for us each and every week for a brand new episode. To find us to your favourite podcasting channel or with different information and updates in regards to the Church on


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The Friend Who Sticks Closer than a Brother




The Friend Who Sticks Closer than a Brother

Embracing True Friendship: The Friend Who Sticks Closer Than a Brother

Friendship is a valuable asset that enriches our lives by providing companionship, support, and a shoulder to cry on. But have you ever had a buddy who goes above and beyond—someone who remains closer than a brother? In a world where relationships can be fickle, a friend who sticks by us through thick and thin is a rare and priceless gift.

More Than Just Blood Ties

Consider the tie between siblings, which is based on blood and shared history. Consider a buddy who is more than just a family member. “One who has untrustworthy friends soon comes to ruin,” says Proverbs 18:24 (NIV), “but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.”

This verse describes a friendship that goes beyond basic conditions. It’s a bond founded on trust, loyalty, and real concern for one another.

Continuous Support

Consider a buddy who is present not only during happy times but also during difficult times. This type of friend is unconcerned about changing circumstances or personal gain. They provide their presence, encouragement, and steadfast support.

Jesus expresses the core of such friendship in John 15:13 (NIV): “Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. This selfless affection serves as the foundation for a lasting connection.

Journeys Together

Consider a friend you’ve shared many stages of life with—the highs, the lows, and everything in between. This shared experience forges a link that extends beyond surface-level exchanges. The value of companionship is brilliantly captured in Ecclesiastes 4:9–10 (NIV): “Two are better than one because they have a good return for their labor. If either of them falls down, one can help the other up.”

A friend who sticks closer than a brother is someone who goes beside us through life’s ups and downs, lending a solid hand and an ear to listen.

A Mirror of God’s Love

As a symbol of God’s love for us, consider the buddy who sticks closer than a brother. God Himself offers an unbroken, unchanging, and everlasting companionship. “For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord,” says the Bible in Romans 8:38–39.

God’s love is the ultimate paradigm of true friendship—a love that is not conditional but remains faithful regardless of what happens.

Conclusion: Value true friendship.

A friend who sticks closer to you than a sibling is a treasure to be treasured. This type of friendship is founded on love, trust, and mutual care rather than convenience or shared interests. May we seek to be that sort of friend to others in our lives, just as God offers us His unfailing love.

In a world where relationships can be fleeting, let us create friendships that will endure. Let us be the sort of friends who are present in both joy and sadness, who offer unconditional support, and who mirror God’s unfailing love. We are reminded of the beauty of true friendship, which clings closer than a brother, as we welcome and cherish these unique and valuable ties.

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The Just God




The Just God

The Just God: The Divine Balance of Justice and Mercy

The concept of justice is intertwined with the fabric of human society. We seek justice, responsibility, and reparation for wrongs done. But have you ever pondered a God who is not only just but also perfectly just? The Just God is a lighthouse of truth and righteousness, providing a profound awareness of justice and kindness that transcends human comprehension.

Justice in Pursuit

Consider a world where wrongdoers go unpunished and the disadvantaged have no recourse. The pursuit of justice is a natural human goal that reflects a feeling of rightness and order. And if we as humans value justice, how much more should the Creator of the universe, who is completely just?

According to Deuteronomy 32:4 (NIV), “He is the rock; his works are perfect, and all his ways are just. He is a loyal God who does no wrong, who is straight and just. This verse reveals God’s character, which is characterized by unwavering justice.

Justice and Mercy in Balance

Consider yourself in front of a judge who holds you accountable for every action and decision you make. Imagine that same judge showing mercy and giving you a second opportunity despite the evidence against you. The just God is kind as well as just.

This delicate balance is captured in Psalm 103:10–11 (NIV): “He does not treat us as our sins deserve, nor does He repay us according to our iniquities. For his love for people who fear him is as high as the skies are above the earth. God’s justice is balanced by his unending love and kindness.

The Redemption of Justice

Consider a debt that you will never be able to repay—a debt of mistakes and wrongs that weigh heavy on your soul. In His perfect justice, the just God provides a solution. God provides a mechanism for justice to be served and redemption to be offered through the sacrifice of His Son, Jesus Christ.

“For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,” says Romans 3:23–24 (NIV), “and all are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus. This is an example of justice being met via the redemptive act of Christ’s sacrifice.

A Call to Justice

Consider a society in which justice is not simply a notion but a way of life. In our interactions with others, the just God calls us to exemplify justice. Micah 6:8 (NIV) states unequivocally, “He has shown you, O mortal, what is good. What does the Lord expect of you? Act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with your God.”

Living justly entails treating people with fairness, compassion, and respect, as the character of the just God requires.

Finishing: Adoring the Just God

The Just God asks us to comprehend the breadth of His justice—a justice that supports truth, requires accountability, and strikes a balance between mercy and justice. God’s justice and mercy merge in the person of Jesus Christ, offering us redemption and restoration.

May we turn to the just God as our ultimate standard as we traverse a world that frequently grapples with issues of fairness. May we seek His wisdom and counsel in order to live justly and treat others with love and justice. We find not only a paradigm of perfect justice but also an invitation to experience the transformative power of His kindness when we embrace the Just God.

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The Pleasure of Serving Others: A Pathway to Achievement




The Joy of Serving Others: A Pathway to Fulfillment

The Pleasure of Serving Others: A Highway to Contentment

Have you ever ever felt the nice and cozy glow that effects from lending a serving to hand to a stranger, the enjoyment that lasts for days after the act of kindness? That emotion offers a way of the pride of serving to others. The straightforward act of serving to can give us a sense of function and pleasure in contrast to the rest in a society that incessantly pushes us to place our consideration on ourselves.

The Want to Serve

Believe a society the place everybody labored to fortify the lives of people of their instant neighborhood. The need to lend a serving to hand, proportion a load, and supply comfort is on the core of carrier. The instance used to be established through Jesus Himself when he stated, “For even the Son of Guy didn’t come to be served, however to serve, and to provide his lifestyles as a ransom for plenty of.” (NIV, Mark 10:45)

Serving others is extra than just a nice deed; it is a way to emulate the compassion and love that Christ proven for us.

Discovering Pleasure in Selfless Giving

Believe spending time with the aged or going to a neighborhood refuge to hear their stories and cause them to really feel essential. Those tiny acts of kindness won’t appear to be a lot, however they be capable to make any person’s day higher, create relationships, and toughen a sense of group.

A better feeling of pleasure emerges after we set aside our personal issues and be aware of the wishes of others. The Bible admonishes us, “Every of you can use no matter present you’ve gotten won to serve others, as trustworthy stewards of God’s grace in its more than a few paperwork.” (NIV) 1 Peter 4:10 We specific the particular talents God has given us through serving others, and it’s in those deeds of carrier that we discover authentic pleasure.

Have an effect on Unmeasurable

Take into consideration the impact if all of us realized to experience serving to others. If we take a bit spoil from our tense schedules to lend a hand a neighbor, supply a sympathetic ear, or donate cash to a reason we reinforce. Small acts of kindness have the facility to unfold, sparking a sequence response of generosity and optimistic exchange.

In step with the NIV translation of Matthew 25:40, Jesus stated, “Actually I inform you, no matter you probably did for this sort of least of those brothers and sisters of mine, you probably did for me.” No longer simplest can we fortify the lives of other folks we serve, however we additionally perform Jesus’ command to like and deal with the ones round us.

Development Relationships and Connections

Believe the sensation of camaraderie that comes from cooperating with others to reach a shared purpose. Folks come in combination via carrier, growing ties and friendships that differently won’t have took place. It serves as a reminder that we’re all part of a broader group, and that group would possibly take pleasure in the acts we do.

Serving others permits us to peer the arena from many angles and to realize the demanding situations and victories of other folks round us. Our lives are enriched and {our relationships} are deepened through this sensitivity.

Conclusion: Discovering Contentment Via Carrier

Every people has a skill that is able to be opened: the pleasure of serving to others. It serves as a reminder that our lives are meant to be about extra than just our personal pursuits; they’re an opportunity to fortify the lives of others.

Let’s thus embody the pride of serving to others, if it is by means of deeds of kindness, volunteering, or simply being conscious about their wishes. The easy act of serving would possibly supply mild and hope in a global that every so often turns out overwhelming. As we emulate Christ and prolong ourselves in love, we no longer simplest exchange the lives of others but additionally revel in a deep feeling of success and enjoyment that overflows into our personal hearts.

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